Friday, January 18, 2019

Intermittent Fasting

What did modernization do to mankind? so many ... 
Out of all eating more is something that has been marketed very well these day, starting from large portions to munching something while watching your favorite TV show or football match. 

I am trying to translate my past healthy eating pattern and put a thought to it, if it is really good. Waking up in the morning I have a quick cup of tea with some fruits, thats before 0530hrs in the morning. Around 0800hrs is my actual breakfast which is an omelette or some days oats, after breakfast to work and around 1100hrs I feel like my body needs some food hence I have a banana or 2, coming back home to lunch a large portion of vegetable and some grilled fish or chicken. Evenings my body starts to starve so I usually have  half cup of fat free yogurt and an apple. And finally at night some salads with some type of fish, and also some almonds as I sit at the TV for a while! Healthy right?

If you carefully look at it what i have consumed is healthy but the real question is, do I need that amount of food? Is it essential? 

Forget history and just think logic about how people WOULD have consumed meals thousands of years ago. I am putting in thousands of years ago as an example as those were the years when modernized concepts of exercise did not exist, when humans worked for food which was known as exercise. Those were the days when humans did not eat food as much as I did on my healthy eating patterns mentioned above. 

Intermittent fasting is just simple consuming food as thousands of years ago. The basics or the beginning comes in with 12 hours of fasting everyday. And how you can do it is very simple.  Here is an example

Eat your dinner at 2000hrs and your next meal will be next day breakfast at 0800hrs, no munching and snacking in between. What you can depend on is water during these 12 hours.

Once you have passed the stage of 12 hours fasting for 01 month, it is time you change the fast to 16 hours on 02 days a week. Here is how you do it.

Eat your dinner at 2000hrs and your next meal should be next day lunch at 1200hrs, again no monkey business of eating in between just water during these 16 hours.

These two ideology of intermittent fasting is very similar to fasting in ramadan, the difference is consumption of water only.

Here is a special condition you should apply for the first meal (breakfast), the meal should not be anything higher than 400 calories. Thats a challenge right?

The modern day trend of fasting does not end here, the gut healing and detox fasting have methods to extend the fast for 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

BUT first of all get used to the basics for few weeks.