Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maldives Fitness Industry

The Maldivian fitness industry is growing rapidly and diversifying to meet the changing needs of the community. The culture of the fitness industry has also changed. The past emphasis on providing services to improve body image or muscle tone, aimed at fit and healthy 18-35 year old people, has made way for an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of all members of the community. Yeah it’s not longer a thing for only shaping your bodies it’s just much more than that.

Appropriate services are now offered to people of all levels of fitness and across all age groups, from children through to senior citizens.

What does the Maldivian Fitness Industry portray it’s to the public?

I am sure the fitness industry has a clear role in helping to create a fitter and healthier Maldives that will ultimately deliver a range of long-term social and economic benefits across the nation. But the big question is are we all doing this or are we all battling to prove something else?

There is a lot of important work to be carried out by the fitness professionals, club owners in order to shape the industry for the future. There are many questions we need to ask inside a proper forum to shape the industry for the future generations.

  1. Is the industry education for Fitness Professionals up to the mark?
  2. Do we have a proper continuing education system for Fitness Professionals?
  3. Who is the governing body for Fitness Professionals?
  4. How will the Maldivian fitness industry look like in 3 years from now?

Those are just a few questions; there are a lot more …

In order to continue our important work of maintaining and enhancing standards in relation to customer care and consumer protection within the fitness industry we all need to find a common table.

I am looking for it … where is it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Economy Class Syndrome

While waiting to catch a flight I found a productive way to waste my time, below is a guide to avoid fatigue and cramped conditions during a long flight.

Seated Exercises:

1 - Ankle Circles: Lift your feet off the floor and twirl your feet as if you’re drawing circles with your toes. Continue this for 15 seconds, then reverse direction. Repeat as desired

2 - Foot Pumps: Keep your heels on the floor and lift the front of your feet toward you as high as possible. Hold for a second or two, then flatten your feet and lift your heels as high as possible, keeping the balls of your feet on the floor. Continue for 30 seconds, and repeat as desired.

3 - Knee Lifts: Keeping your leg bent, lift your knee up to your chest. Bring back to normal position and repeat with your other leg. Repeat 20 to 30 times for each leg.

4 - Shoulder Roll: Lift your shoulders upward, then pull them backward, downward, and forward, creating a gentle circular motion. Continue for 30 seconds. Then reverse direction if desired.

5 - Arm Curl: Start with arms on chair rests, bent at a 90-degree angle. Raise one hand up to your chest and back down. Alternate hands and continue for 30 seconds. Repeat as desired.

General Tips

1 – Try keeping you feet elevated, maybe rest your feet on your carry on luggage?

2 – Walk to the rest room and back if you have an opportunity inside the cabin

3 – Drink fluids, water is the best to avoid dehydration

4 – While you are at the terminal walk about 20 minutes before you board.