Tuesday, December 27, 2011



I have been training for long and have been struggling with my abdomen. I have sometimes been asked if I am pregnant and I have not been for several years. I believe I have a strong mind section as I have been training with a PT for more than 12 months. I have been following all sorts of yoga and other group exercise sessions. I have lost weight and lowered my fat percentage also lost few inches on my girth measurements. So what is the problem with my abdominal?


That is a very common issue, I am sure a lot of people are looking for the answer of the same question. It is known as POOCH BELLY

Some possible causes are …

1 – Leaky Gut Syndrome for which the main contributors are …
- Use of anti-biotic
- Use of birth control pills
- Use of anti – inflammatories
Mainly happens when the tight gap junctions of the intestinal walls get inflamed.

2 – Improper Activation of TvA (Transverse Abdominus)
Mainly a co factor of Leaky Gut Syndrome, you are not being able to activate your TvA properly, due to this the internal organs are pushing your abdominal wall. This is usually caused by inflammation of intestine or c-section (cut through of abdominal wall for child birth).
Also if you have not rehabilitated a previous c-section properly your TvA will not be functioning properly. This can be also a cause of Pooch Belly.


1 – Proper digestive detoxification through a naturopathic physician or a doctor.
2 – Proper co-activation and stability program

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Myths - Mommy Fitness

The pregnancy belly will disappear after the baby is born.

Many wish if it was true! For some it does disappear quickly, but remember those are the lucky one with strong genetics. In time the swelling of the abdomen decreases and your body returns to a normal state. Once the uterus is back to it’s normal size, the rest of the pooch is essentially added weight gain, droopy skin and sagging muscles. A proper program will zap the tummy back into shape.

The abs will never be flat again.

Everyone can tighten the muscles back up. It takes work and proper exercise selection, once you follow the program the muscles will respond and get very close to their pre-pregnancy size. If you work hard maybe even better!

Nursing moms should not workout.

Crap! All moms should unless the doctor gives a good reason not to. Important part is they have to make sure they drink enough fluids to support milk production. Moderate physical activity is recommended. Make sure you stretch your chest and strengthen the upper back muscle.

One a note, drink 10oz (300ml) of fluid (non-carbonated and non-caffeine) for every ½ hour you train! And proper support is vital, all nursing moms need a to be fitted for a sports bra.

It is not possible to like your body better after pregnancy.

Everything you do prior, during and post pregnancy has an effect on how you feel about your body now. You can lean to love it. When you treat it right through diet and exercise it will love you back and the results will be amazing.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Tips for Ladies

1 – GOALS – Be realistic here! Don’t look for the Mr. Great Personal Trainer who will just trim you over night, set realistic goals based on your body fat percentages.

2 – GET A WORKOUT PARTNER – Find someone who has similar plans! When joining an exercise class it’s also a social event. It’s always fun to have a buddy while you hit the MegaDanz classes or Radical Power classes.

3 – CONSIDER MORNINGS – You will feel energized rest of the day!!

4 – STICK WITH THE ROUTINE – Schedule your time for exercise with your favorite class, classes are found to be motivating and encouraging. Stick with the routine or class to get the results you want.

5 – MAKE DINNER SIMPLE – Make it as simple as you can, think of things you could prepare beforehand and freeze. This can remove dinner preparations from the list and will you give some time to walk outdoors.

6 – GET THE KIDS INVOLVED – That is why we have RADKIDZ, your kids will love to play, dance and have fun while you breath in the OXIGENO classes. Another healthy way to spend time with kids is here now.

7 – REWARDING – Most of the time I find my clients rewarding themselves with food, I suggest finding alternatives to reward yourself … why not a new dress? A Spa treatment?

8 – FIND MOTIVATION – Finding something to look forward will keep you on track. Think forward if you do not feel like exercising do something that will motivate you, scheduling a special date and buying the outfit you want to wear for the special event can be a motivation. Hang the outfit where you could see it every day will give you motivation to hit the gym.

9 – DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF – Keep going is the policy! Along the road you will miss a day, don’t take hit hard. Your fun and energetic classes will get you on track when you are back.

10 – PRIORITY – This is the most important tip, reminders, alarms and everything set to remind yourself about the best investment you could do. Invest in yourself.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maldives Fitness Industry

The Maldivian fitness industry is growing rapidly and diversifying to meet the changing needs of the community. The culture of the fitness industry has also changed. The past emphasis on providing services to improve body image or muscle tone, aimed at fit and healthy 18-35 year old people, has made way for an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of all members of the community. Yeah it’s not longer a thing for only shaping your bodies it’s just much more than that.

Appropriate services are now offered to people of all levels of fitness and across all age groups, from children through to senior citizens.

What does the Maldivian Fitness Industry portray it’s to the public?

I am sure the fitness industry has a clear role in helping to create a fitter and healthier Maldives that will ultimately deliver a range of long-term social and economic benefits across the nation. But the big question is are we all doing this or are we all battling to prove something else?

There is a lot of important work to be carried out by the fitness professionals, club owners in order to shape the industry for the future. There are many questions we need to ask inside a proper forum to shape the industry for the future generations.

  1. Is the industry education for Fitness Professionals up to the mark?
  2. Do we have a proper continuing education system for Fitness Professionals?
  3. Who is the governing body for Fitness Professionals?
  4. How will the Maldivian fitness industry look like in 3 years from now?

Those are just a few questions; there are a lot more …

In order to continue our important work of maintaining and enhancing standards in relation to customer care and consumer protection within the fitness industry we all need to find a common table.

I am looking for it … where is it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Economy Class Syndrome

While waiting to catch a flight I found a productive way to waste my time, below is a guide to avoid fatigue and cramped conditions during a long flight.

Seated Exercises:

1 - Ankle Circles: Lift your feet off the floor and twirl your feet as if you’re drawing circles with your toes. Continue this for 15 seconds, then reverse direction. Repeat as desired

2 - Foot Pumps: Keep your heels on the floor and lift the front of your feet toward you as high as possible. Hold for a second or two, then flatten your feet and lift your heels as high as possible, keeping the balls of your feet on the floor. Continue for 30 seconds, and repeat as desired.

3 - Knee Lifts: Keeping your leg bent, lift your knee up to your chest. Bring back to normal position and repeat with your other leg. Repeat 20 to 30 times for each leg.

4 - Shoulder Roll: Lift your shoulders upward, then pull them backward, downward, and forward, creating a gentle circular motion. Continue for 30 seconds. Then reverse direction if desired.

5 - Arm Curl: Start with arms on chair rests, bent at a 90-degree angle. Raise one hand up to your chest and back down. Alternate hands and continue for 30 seconds. Repeat as desired.

General Tips

1 – Try keeping you feet elevated, maybe rest your feet on your carry on luggage?

2 – Walk to the rest room and back if you have an opportunity inside the cabin

3 – Drink fluids, water is the best to avoid dehydration

4 – While you are at the terminal walk about 20 minutes before you board.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

The majority of the reputed Personal Trainers will abide by the professional code of ethics, below are some points for you to consider while choosing your trainer.

  1. Insist on an actual full workout during the first meeting. Most personal training sessions last either 30 to 60 minutes. This initial meeting should explore what you need and process the paperwork.
  2. Tries to sell you dietary supplements. Most people may not need dietary supplements. Using food supplement is your choice but you do not have to buy it from the trainer.
  3. Says that his or her style of training is the only way to get results. No matter how confident the trainer is he/she cannot prove that his/her method is the only way, cause there are several ways to achieve results.
  4. Is hesitant to provide the proof of credentials or references. This is an alarming sign that the trainer’s credentials are less than credible or up to date.
  5. Not punctual, unavailable via telephone or email: A professional trainer will be punctual and is available to answer clients phone call and emails.
  6. Is unclear about the cancellation policy. Clients have a right to know how much time and how they can cancel a session in advance without being charged with a fee. A client trainer agreement on paper is a must to avoid this.
  7. Do not keep up with developments in field of exercise science: The personal training profession is changing fast; new developments are coming in to the field of exercise science. Trainers need to stay up to date always in order to provide the best training protocols for their clients.
  8. Does not practice what they preach. Those who do not train their own bodies may lack the dedication and motivation to train their clients at the best levels.

Hope the information was useful to seek your personal trainer today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

everybody's fit

The one test at TfG you can’t fail

Five reasons why you should do a Fitness Assessment

1. Are you about to start a new exercise program? Wouldn’t you love to have a way to evaluate the progress you made from the beginning to the end of the program?
2. Are you bored with your current routine? Wouldn’t it be nice if you suddenly had new goals and a spark of motivation to get you going?
3. Maybe you do not exercise at all, and you would like to know any possible health risks you may have.
4. Are you happy with your Personal Trainer? Are you achieving results? Would you want to re negotiate with your Personal Trainer looking into your progress? Keep tracking your progress trough a fitness assessment.
5. While you enjoy the group training sessions, would you want to see how your body is responding for the training? Get some expert advise through TfG Fitness Assessments.

Importance of Fitness Assessments

Whether your idea of is playing a varsity sport or changing the television channel manually when you lose the remote, it is important to know exactly where your fitness abilities lie.

Participating in a fitness assessment is an important part of identifying your current level of physical fitness. Furthermore, the TfG fitness assessment is designed to aid in the determination of one’s physical fitness status relative to age and sex, to assist developing an exercise program, and to identify health risks.

TfG Fitness Assessments measures three areas: Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Joint Flexibility.


everybody’s fit