Saturday, September 11, 2010


In this post I will be sharing the inside story of DhiTV DREAM BODY 2010 reality show.

On March 2009, I first telecasted the Body Transformation pilot project as a documentary in DhiTV fitness centre show. Long before than I have had this vision to create this dream project. This was the first step towards making the dream a reality. I took the bold step on meeting the chief of DhiTV and putting him the offer to do a program for the concept I produced. That was a time when the program had no name, and all at the TV were in doubt if this will work on TV. I am grateful to Mr. Navaal who believed in me, and gave the green light to proceed.

In the initial stages I took a lot of time for myself to identify what I might have to face during the show. I was unaware and most of the things took me on surprise!

Finally we began the program as “DREAM BODY” I named it dream body only because it was my dream project. It was a tough call, the in the trailer I said “I will change your body, within 12 weeks I will change you from FAT to SLIM” nobody ever realized how much of a risk I took saying that in front of entire public, what if I failed? I am sure that would be my career screwed.


I was approached by two friends who wanted to participate in the challenge, also a former school mate as well. Quiet clearly I requested them to progress to audition from where they could get on to the show. To make it worse two of them got selected to the challenge and one was a client/friend with whom I worked with in the past.

As the show started than came the horror, from the beginning the group of 12 participants were approached by other professionals in the industry giving different ideas and different statements which made them confused. It came to a point where I had to gather all the participants and tell them “I am the captain of this ship” and also that statement went to all others who tried to peep from wrong directions. I had to stretch to a limit to be blunt and say things to other professionals which I never wanted to say. I felt sorry for all of them who had nothing productive to do rather than peep into this project behind my back, and I did everything possible safeguard my zone, cause it was my career and profession which I risked to make my dream work.

Sorry fellows I had no choice, if I have said anything to offend you I am sorry but please learn to mind your own business, have your own missions and be focused.

Unforgettable moments

First it was one participant who could not jog 1/5 of the track ground properly, she had excuses and reasons why she could not, after convincing her in many different ways she was able to run one full round which gave a smile on her face. This was a big achievement for the lady!

During the functional strength challenge (water case transfer) at the Basketball court, the challenge was very well conducted and all the participants enjoyed the morning with intense task assigned to them. During the cool down session one participant said on a loud voice “EEEEY” and she fainted, to say the truth it was the most shocking moment within the trainings of Dream Body. A lot of viewers assumed it was created drama but it was a real scene.

One day when I got home in the evening, I heard my mom speaking to someone over the phone, I still did not ask her who she was talking to ... she was proudly saying “DhiTV Dream Body ... That is my son ... yeah he did it” that was one proud moment I captured during the 12 weeks cycle.

The interview which my friend gave when he was dismissed from the show, I was standing right in front of him in the studio when he pronounced the show and myself as crap only because he had to leave the show being in bottom (unfortunately the producers did not air it on my request). I can still remember the first day I met the guy inside a cafe’ pleading me to train him as he was so overweight and to work with him on training. This was the day I learnt how difficult it is to get to know a person and as human how fast we forget who we are, and what others do for you.

On the last night of the show after announcing the winner, there was another shocking moment, I knew one participant was over confident that he will be the winner long before the finals and on the final night after the weighing in I saw the 1st first runner up throughout the show taking the lead. I could not believe and I did my numbers thrice before the announcement, unfortunately the guy who was over confident was my classmate and he was left disappointed and pointed at me. He said “you wanted to make this guy the winner” my reply was “At this point all I know is I am surprised as much as you are, be thankful, you came here with a 100+Kgs and you are leaving the show with less than 75Kgs as the 1st runner up. Later that night I came to know he had been out of diet for few days as the producer mentioned that he was having junk food in front of the producer saying “I know I will win it”.

That was just a small highlight of the whole project. In the next post I will share some information about the training, dietary applications and results of DREAM BODY 2010.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As we understand personal training industry is matured in Maldives; those were the days when we counted the number of trainers who worked within this small town. But today we have lost count on the number of certified/qualified trainers.

The personal training industry is experiencing an enormous surge in demand. As people become aware of what personal training offer, the demand for personal trainers grows. In fact, the personal trainer job position has never been better.

As the industry grows it is continuously evolving, and personal training is offering more than a conventional gym only job.

1 - Companies/Organisations are creating their own health programs for their employees as a means of reducing their health insurance premiums.
2 - Working outside gyms such as parks, beaches
3 - Trainers work in partnership with health organizations
4 - Boot camps

The personal trainer job outlook improves as these outlets gain in popularity

This shows that the industry is growing and lot of young energetic individuals choose fitness industry as their career path. At the same time it is unfortunate that administrators have given a very less thought on maintaining these trainers in the industry, rather we all have focused on retaining a our facility members.

Yeah I am talking of how backward we all are, or how inferior we are on change, a change to make some good quality trainers believe that they can make a living in this industry. As there is a rush in new comers in the industry there is also a big hole in the industry where good potential instructors leave as they feel they cannot make a living as a full time personal trainer or fitness professional. And this is bad news...

Although personal training is a business, in our society personal training is controlled by the fitness centre owners. The centres allow the trainers to work in their premises on a percentage sharing basis. And to the horror centres pay the trainer only 22% to 50% (defers from centre to centre) of the training charges and balance charged to the centre as commission. End of the day the income these trainers earn being full time is not suffice for a living.

As I see that this culture of personal training (absolutely wrong concept) has been brought forward by centres on the formative days of personal training in a total financial interest of their own (here again this is what I see being a trainer). I have spoken to few trainers who proudly pronounced that they trained 40+ clients (on monthly contracts) thus translating it as the trainer worked more than 18+ hours a day! I couldn’t believe my ears and went further to find the reality. They explained that in this application the trainer was working with more than 5 or 6 clients every hour inside the gymnasium translating it to a group training session NOT personal training. I see this as a dishonour to the reputed personal training profession (again this is my view). And I do not fault the trainers here as they are forced to do this due to the high commission being charged on them.

Another interesting discussions I have had with some people who trained inside gymnasiums taking a package called Personal Training is, that they spent 2+ hours training inside the gym, well I wasn’t sure what they were talking about but later came to know that they spend such hours as the trainer had to work with 5+ or sometime 10+ people at any given hour, I am in doubt how a personal trainer will guide proper intensity and progression for a group of people working with weights inside a gymnasium looking for personalised exercise plans. I am convinced Personal Training can never be a package it is a system of training which the trainers applies for personalised exercise programs..

I did some research to find out how much a PT earn per hour in developed countries, below are some average figures. In Australia it’s AUS$ 20 per hour, in United States it’s US$ 20 per hour, in UK it’s £ 20 per hour and in Singapore it’s S$ 24 per hour. Unfortunately US$9 per hour is declared a very high price within this community, which only gives a monthly MRf1500 if the client is given 12 hours (and again the trainer is charged with a 50% as commission from the centre on a minimum percentage). Our fitness businesses claim they are as good as any globally, our trainers use the same branded NIKE, ADIDAS or PUMA cloths as top people around the globe, our trainers spend thousands of dollars to seek the best education internationally available yet the business owners enter the pockets of Personal Trainers taking a huge percentage out of their earnings for using a centre (I find this illogical).

Bottom line: Stop ripping off what Personal Trainers earn, and Eid Mubarik to all.

Ps: What I have expressed in this post is my concerns which any of my fellow trainers/professionals do not have to agree neither conclude no take it personal.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


What is Binge Eating?

An eating disorder categorized by a loss of control over eating behaviour and the consumption of excess amounts of food within a short period of time. It is defined as having at least 2 binge episodes a weak for at least 6 months.

People with binge eating disorder are usually preoccupied with weight and food. They usually have high personal standards. Binge eating disorder is most common in older, overweight women.

The exact cause of binge eating is still unknown.


• Eating large amounts of food, even when not physically hungry. Eating more rapidly than usual.
• Eating until uncomfortably full.
• Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food being eaten.
• Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after eating.


The most common complications of binge eating disorder are the diseases that accompany obesity. These disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.


Exercise is a great way to relief stress and stop emotional eating. Exercising also does another thing that’s very important. When you spend time exercising and invest time in your body you’ll feel motivated to take care of yourself.

How to exercise: You got to start slow and gradually increase your exercising time. If you don’t exercise it’s a bad idea to try to do 30-60 minutes of it each day. This is a sure plan for failure. You might be motivated to keep up with it for the first day or two however you’ll quickly get off track.

Instead aim for building an exercising habit not just exercising to lose weight. As a matter of fact in overcoming binge eating you really need to build several healthier habits. One of them is exercising.

Start out by exercising for 10-15 minutes a day. Once that becomes easy for you and becomes a daily habit then slowly increase your daily exercise time.