Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Body Transformation with Zinan

I was always inspired about the capabilities of human performances; I wanted to know if the system of body transformation worked for real as shown in the fancy magazines sold called fitness magazines.

In this dream of changing someone’s life forever it took me years to study science of doing it perfectly. I was declared a fool when I first spoke about this at a coffee table. Today when I sit back and think I can still remember the coffee table where I discussed this project. I saw my close colleagues giving me a wide eye and some did make fun out of the topic which made me think that I am a complete fool for having this idea in mind.

But something inside me inspired me to keep the dream project alive, I even used the name “Body Transformation” as an exercise routine I used in my very own gym from 2002 which still hangs in the file on the same gym to see if anyone cared to asked me the reality of my so called dumb idea. Well it was beyond peoples understanding and no one even had an idea what I was talking about.

It was in 2003 when a client called Simon (I hope Simon read this and post a justification on what he witnessed) walked into gym asking me that he wanted to lose weight. I decided to apply the system with no fuss and no big names to see if the so called dumb idea in my mind works … It worked … I still kept quiet and waited to see when I could make it visible to the public.

It was doable then but the courage to step forward and show what’s happening to your body was the only thing everyone was reluctant to face. From 2003 till today there are a lot of people I have worked with for whom I have applied the system and they never know what it was. Was it my fault that no one believed me? Or who shall be blamed?

Days passed by and I was on my hunt for the courage person to step forward and kept the idea inside me as I did not want anyone to make fun out of my dream idea.
One fine day last October I decided that the project should come up now, I requested my managers to look for people who are willing to work on my sponsorship for this project. So it was the daring move, I tried my best to convince a TV station to do this project but I fail to convince any that this is something worth for television.

So my conclusion even without TV or Radio I will find a way to do this, simply even with simple photo graphs the project will go on.

The project began and Hussain Shameem successfully completed the project, and the system of body transformation is today agreed by the public.

It was on 18th March 2009 the program was telecasted on DhiTV and right after the program I have witnessed that Maldives has become a fat nation, a fat nation that needs help, a fat nation that needs to be educated to change their lifestyle. As I prove this on below statistics of what I have answered on what is body transformation and how someone could do it.

19th March 24 Meetings 31 Calls 13 emails
20th March 16 Meetings 20 Calls 10 emails
21st March 7 Meetings 22 Calls 12 emails
22nd March 5 Meetings 10 Calls 8 emails
23rd March 5 Meetings 6 calls 11 emails
24th March 8 Meetings 13 Calls 10 emails

So my reply today for everyone is …

"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change"

Hussain Shameem … welcome to the world of fitness …

Let’s make the positive move …