Friday, November 30, 2007

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I have uploaded a resource blog for my students and trainers in the sports & fitness industry. As a sports and fitness educator I beleieve it's my duty to publish information, and study materials for my students.

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As all of you would understand that this blog come with training articles for everyone. The use of the Resource Blog helps me to publish more technical information required for trainers and students who take personal training as a career.
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Monday, November 26, 2007


Believe it or not studies indicate that there is a direct correlation with between physical inactivity and a lack of potency. So if you say health and fitness are not good enough reasons to exercise, why not exercise to improve your sex life. Exercises do help you to look good, feel better and of course now it’s proved to increase potency.

Here is what you need …

1 – For passionate sex you’ll need some cardio endurance, if you would not want to bonk out half way go on and do some cardio exercise (swimming, walking, jogging) 3 to 4 times weekly.

2 – For unusual positioning you need some conditioning of your body! For this you need to lift some light weights on with more repetition (usually more than 15 reps). Some recommended exercises are compound multi joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, clean and presses.

3 – Now here is a deal … if you would want to hold yourself in a position for long, you need a muscular strength. You’re muscles goes under a static contraction while you hold long in one position. For this purpose you need to work and develop strength, lift heavier with few repetitions (usually 6 or less reps).

4 – Flexibility is vital as I always say, if you would want to go into a different position without much commotion train to improve your flexibility after every workout. Flexibility is something we all neglect in all workouts. Stretch all you muscles holding each stretch from 15 to 20 seconds.

So design a workout program which includes some cardio work, endurance/strength training, with lots of flexibility work.

Another study indicates that man who had sex at least three times a week cut their risk of heart attack in half. Surprising?

Researchers started out studying the benefits of vigorous exercise, looking at an activity lasting 20 minutes or longer and making the exerciser sweaty or out of breath. Most of the men they questioned thought that sex fit this description just as well as soccer.

This surprised the scientists, but they decided to study the issue. About 2,400 men in the town of Caerphilly in Wales were questioned about their habits, including how often they had sex? Once, twice or three times a week or more. Then they were followed up for ten years. Those who reported the most frequent sexual activity were only half as likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack during that time.

At this point the doctors who carried out the study concluded that sex itself is a good exercise. Don’t forget that sex burns calories! Calories are calories right?

A 60kg person burns about 07 calories per five minutes of vigorous sex. If you claim to be strong enough, keep it up for 2 hours and you’ll burn 177 calories, don’t you think its good enough to burn those calories of the chips you ate while watching TV after dinner.

Exercise to improve potency, have sex to burn calories, look good and reduces the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease) … amazing isn’t it?

Reference: Exercise and Sex, Journal of Exercise Science, 2004

Friday, November 23, 2007


Wash board abs are rear and all the regular exercisers out there work for it and surprisingly it doesn’t come out easily. It is common that people do hundreds of sit-ups, leg raises or any other abdominal exercises after a gym workout to discover their way close to the dream. But ask yourself why do you do it after workout when it’s what you badly want, why can’t you do it in the beginning of a workout? Why do you do loads repetitions unlike any other body part, is doing more repetition making it any closer to the six packs?

Take a look at what can be some negative effects on doing hundred of repetitions targeting the abdominals.

1-Overtraining – which may have reverse effect on responding to exercise

2-Postural problem as when muscles are given continuous tension it shortens and the opposing muscle lengthens, here as the abdominals shortens (with overloading) your lower back (erector spinae) lengthens, imagine what an impact that will create on your posture.

Also some reasons why people workout their abs always at the end of a workout session.

1- A traditional way of belief that all abdominal work should be done after workout
2- Can have ample amount of time to do abdominals

Get away from all these beliefs and hundred of repetitions, look at how you can effectively workout the abs.

The important part is you treat your abdominals as you treat any other muscle in the body, that is to say that you need to work your abs just the same as you workout your most favorite body parts like chest, bicep!! This may sound very different but it’s a fact that abdominal muscles respond best when it is treated as any other muscle or muscle groups in the body.

A good way to work abdominals is taking two days from your 6 days weekly workout cycle where you fully concentrate on abs with some cardiovascular work. Also remember stretching out the abs is vital to maintain good posture and definition in the abs.

Try to fit in this routine twice a week and see the difference.

5 - 10 minutes warm up (on any Cardio machine or a small exercise to music warm up routine)
30 seconds one leg standing with a bar rested on upper traps
(Alternate legs and work 3 times for 30 seconds on each leg)
2 setsx12 reps Swiss ball crunches
2 setsx12 reps Medicine ball twist crunch
2 setsx12 reps Back extension (with added weight)
20 minutes Cardio workout (i.e. jogs, walk or cross training)

Full body stretching maintaining each stretch for minimum 10 seconds

Good luck on your Ab workouts …

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I was honored to be offered to instruct the stretch routine of the GLOBAL DIABETES WALK (First United Nations Observed Worlds Diabetes day, 14 November 2007).

The walk was organized by the Diabetes & Cancer Society of Maldives, the event started from track grounds of Kulhuvaru Ekuveni , where all the participants of this walk gathered for a full stretch routine. After the stretch routine the participants marched to Henveiru Artificial Beach where a fantastic group exercise session was demonstrated by Heat Fitness Center.

Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Mohamed Waheed Deen, Minister of Health Mr. Ilyas Ibrahim, Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Shukoor Abdulla & Assistant Commissioner of Police Hussain Shakir participated in this walk.

It was an honor to stand on the stage instructing the stretching routine for more than 1000 participants in this global diabetes walk. Most of all to stand on that platform in front of Mr. Deen who invested on my studies and make my promise to him live by being there to help the people of Maldives.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome to CAPITAL RADIO, Personal Trainer Live. This program is an interactive radio show on health, exercise and sports training and nutrition.

The program is scheduled on every Friday 6.00pm to 7.30pm and Monday 2.30pm to 3.30pm. I will be on air at your favorite radio channel to answer your questions on issues regarding fitness.

The debut program will be on air at 2.30pm to 3.30pm today 12th November. The main theme for this first show is “getting started for a healthy lifestyle”

This is the first ever live radio show I am going to do; I am pretty excited also a bit nervous as it’s my first one. I hope it will go smoothly and will get better day by day.

Many thanks to my buddy who named this program as “Personal Trainer Live”

You can listen to the program on

Stay tuned,

Friday, November 9, 2007


Name: Ali Shareef (Ayya)
Offseason: 68Kg
Competition: 59Kg
History: Training Since August 2006, No competition history

Ayya used to be a same old recreational exerciser at MFC, those days I saw him as a good runner who runs at maximum speed on the treadmill. At my first glance I thought he was a sprinter in like 100m or 200m. He was that good whilst running on the machine.

At the end of the Mr. Maldives 2006, I asked my fellow instructors who works at MFC to choose a team to train for Mr. Maldives 2007. I was surprised to see Ayya among the group who took interest to become bodybuilders. Well his decision was very right.

He weighed only 47Kgs when he decided that he will take on stage at the Mr. Maldives 2007, after implementing his off season training routine to increase muscle mass I saw the discipline of this great athlete. His weight went up from week to week and finally I was convinced that he could be a great bodybuilder in the future. Well after 8 months of training he reached a weight of 68Kgs which is a 21Kg above his normal weight. That is a tough task and he deserves credit for his hard work.

Ayya confirms that he will be on stage to give the competitors at the fly weight category a tough time, and I am confident that he will. His pre season training began a month ago and the definition on his body is near perfect now. He will be all ripped for December.

I am confident, Ayya says watch out for me… be there!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Name: Ahmed Rasheed (Rachey)
Off Season: 70Kg
Competition: 64Kg
History: 5 Years of dedicated training, 01 year competition history

Rasheed (Rachey) first appeared on a bodybuilding stage last year (2006) on the flyweight (below 60kg) category, on days that Male’ Fitness Club (MFC) was not famous for bodybuilding I created this great talent to compete the top level bodybuilders in the country. Well he did impress all the judges on the panel with his symmetry and definition. As 2006 was his first ever competition he had a bit of stage fear and stiffness which lead him to perform below judges expectations and was placed 02nd in his weight category.

Since 2006 Mr. Maldives ended we have been working to develop his main weak areas, working to develop his flexibility issues and to loosen up his tight muscles, he will be on stage with more muscles, definition and perfect symmetry to give the biggest fight to win the title.

His pre season training routine:

Day 1
Morning: Indoor Rowing (30 Minutes)
Evening: Legs
Day 2
Morning: Walk (40 minutes) & Abdominals
Evening: Chest & Biceps
Day 3
Morning: Indoor Rowing (30 Minutes)
Evening: Back & Triceps
Day 4
Morning: Walk (40 Minutes) & Abdominals
Evening: Shoulders & Forearms

Cycle repeats from the 5th day giving Friday as full day rest/recovery for him.

Mainly athletes who compete in the bodybuilding competitions go on strict diets o3 months before the competition, but I have not implemented dietary changes for rachey as the athlete maintains a state of readiness and definition in his body through out the year. Rachey will follow strict diet for only a week from the competition date.

Rachey will be tough to beat in the upcoming Mr. Maldives 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Rachey on his winning deadlift, the intensity is seen on his expression whilst he lifts a wopping 270% of his body weight which is 170kg / 374Lbs.

Maldives has stepped officially into a new sport; weight lifting is an Olympic sport where the athletes have to show their maximal strength on stage.

Since the official registration of Weight Lifting and Martial Arts Federation of Maldives the first similar event to be conducted was Male’ Fitness Club (MFC) Deadlift Challenge 2007 which was held on 02 Nov at artificial beach. The competition was organized and hosted by the Trainers of MFC.

Seven athletes competed to become the best lifter and who could show maximal strength, it was challenging and the participants did show shocking strength levels.

  • Mr. Giyas Ibrahim from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 92Kg
  • Mr. Hamdhoon Ibrahim from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 80Kg
  • Mr. Faisal Najeeb from Muscle Load, Body weight 67Kg
  • Mr. Nihad Rasheed (Beyya) from Master Muscle, Body weight 71Kg
  • Mr. Ali Shareef from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 59Kg
  • Mr. Mohamed Rasheed (Rachey) from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 61Kg
  • Mr. Ajith Kumar from Muscle Load from Muscle Load, Body weight 73Kg

What is Maximal Strength

Muscular strength is commonly defined as the ability of muscle to generate maximal force. It should be noted that muscles are able to demonstrate maximal force production in a variety of different situations. These include concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions, as well as any variety of movement speed velocities for the isotonic actions (knuttgen & Komi, 1992).

Development of muscular strength can be of benefit for a wide range of athletic endeavors as well as many every day situations. Competitive power lifting (squat, deadlift, clean and press and bench press) is perhaps the ultimate expression of pure strength in a competitive context.

Rules of lifting at MFC Deadlift Challenge 2007

The bar is laid on the platform facing the judges. The lifter picks it up in one continuous movement until reaching an upright position with shoulders locked.

On the signal "Down/whistle" from the chief referee, accompanied by a downward movement of the hand and arm, the lifter must return the bar to the platform.

Causes for disqualification, resulting in no lift, are:

· Any downward movement of the bar before the lifter reaches the upright position
· Failure to stand erect, with shoulders back and knees locked
· Movement of the feet in any direction during the lift (rocking on the heels is permitted)
· Lowering the bar before the head judge's signal
· Allowing the bar to return to the platform without maintaining control with both hands

Point System

The athlete who could lift the maximum percentage of his body weight was declared the winner. For example a person weights 70Kg and lifts a maximum of 135Kg which means he has lifted 192% of his body weight, and another person weighs 65Kgs and lifts a maximum of 130Kg which mean he has lifted 200% of his body weight. In this case the person who weighs 65Kg has shown more strength in his body and will be declared the winner.

Winners and their winning performances

· 01st Place Mohamed Rasheed (Rachey) from Male’ Fitness Club who lifted 170Kg which is 270% of his bodyweight
· 02nd Place Ali Shareef from Male’ Fitness Club who lifted 155Kgs which is 263% of his body weight
· 03rd Place Faisal Najeeb from Muscle Load who lifted 165Kg which is 246% of his body weight

The challenge was amazing as the big guns of weight lifting at present showed their strength at this show and the crowd enjoyed every bit of the heat on the lifting platform.

The championship was judged by the officials of Weight lifting and Martial Arts Federation of Maldives who is a affiliated member of International Weight lifting Federation
Rules of Lifting by: Weight Lifting & Martial Arts Federation of Maldives