Wednesday, May 30, 2007


1. Not setting goals: just lifting weights will not do, taking the best brand of supplements will not help. You got to have a realistic goal when training.

2. Aiming for quantity over quality: Always concentrate on the quality of your workout rather than number of times you hit a body part each week

3. Don’t train until you are sore: Know you limit and do a proper workout, killing yourself will not do any good to add muscles.

4. Overtraining: You don’t have to do what the pros do, understand your body and do an adequate amount it can cope.

5. Excessive focus on load instead of technique and form: Proper technique and form of exercise really matters, adding up load and using two or three spotters aren’t doing any good to you.

6. Too much focus on strength: You are not a weight lifter! You don’t have to be the Mr. Strong guy in the gym … This takes your workout out of the training zone and moves you to a strength training zone

7. Lack of consistency: If you are to be a bodybuilder be focused and be regular, don’t be the yo yo man who visit the gym once in a while.

8. Too much rest between sets: Don’t be the guy who starts a conversation with the gym buddy between sets or start a phone call between sets.

9. Poor eating habits: Eating anything will not help choose the right nutritious food and have proper meal times.

10. Insufficient variety: Doing the same exercises year round will not help, be creative add some variety to your workout.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It doesn't matter what type of gym you train at, or the cost of membership, you will always get the same type of people with the same annoying habits.

This is one of the most common gym irritations. Everyone sweats, some more than others and some people stinks. This is part of training, but just because you are swimming in your sweat does not mean that other gym members want to. Be decent take a towel and clean up yourself and do not leave your stinking, awful, unhygienic deposits behind.
I find it hard to understand why you would want your mobile phone on when you are at the gym. You are only there for about an hour or less, to TRAIN, not talk to your best buddy in the middle of a session and then force everyone who is working out to listen to your conversation. You do not have to tell us all about it. If you want to talk on your phone then please leave the gym.
This is a classic act and really makes my blood boil. Nothing annoys me more than the people who place their towel on the bench, do a set, and then spend the next 10 minutes chatting to a buddy. What do you get from that? Why not give a chance to someone else to use it instead of making them wait for you to finish.
I don’t want to know if you are strong or capable … If you on a stage of lifting heavy ask a trainer to help without throwing the weights … Hello people although its not your piece of equipment treat it with respect. A classic example is “incline dumbbell press” an unbelievable heavy set will be carried out and there goes an outburst sounding like it has been bombed. You may feel good or may feel you look good with it but please have some respect for others and the equipments.
When training aggressively some sound is natural. On the other hand it’s not natural to hear voices like some body is in labor, having an orgasm or been stabbed. If you apply the force of screaming on the exercise you may be able to lift some more Kgs! Hey if you are the Strongest Man go join it …
I am sorry but no excuses for this one … I believe this is the same as going to the toilet and not flushing giving a reason that somebody else will use the toilet after you do. Replace the weights where you found it properly.
Guess what you all know this ... I firmly believe that this needs either medication or admittance to a hospital for treatment. The quote "He who thinks he is so big is so small" is a perfect quote.
These guys have a bug called “imaginary lat syndrome” I am talking about the guys who walk around the gym looking like they are carrying water drum under their arms. Why is there this obsession to walk around like you think you are Jay Cutler? This may come to a shock but look Jay Cutler can actually bring his arms down to his side when he relaxes his lats. Do me a favor, stop walking like you are competing on stage. If you really want to do it get the courage to compete and do it on stage.
This is a fantastic comedy. These guys can be spotted from miles, they head to the bench press, never ever dream of a warm up and load 100Kgs in the bench press. Psyching themselves counting the reps, like 4 ooooh, 3 aaah, 2 eeeeh , last one ooooooooooh… every time the bar crashes down onto their chest. During the set, they will squirm, yell, lift their legs in the air, bodypop and eventually complete the rep. Please, for the small section of you who do this out there; have some sympathy for your poor spotter who nearly breaks his back.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Due to the lack of opportunities on physical fitness for children i have developed a concept called "learn to exercise" and will be implementing it in Malé Fitness Club. Well if we can teach our children to swim why can't we have a program called "learn to exercise" to teach them proper methods of exercise, as physical activity is one of the key requirement for a growing child. In this program children will be taught enjoyable methods of doing a warm up, games, cool downs as weel as stretchings. It's time for some fun and activity for your kids.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


By eating a healthy diet, you will enjoy good health and an abundance of vitality. Naturally occurring foods contain all the nutrients that we require for sustained good health, providing high energy levels, emotional balance, disease prevention or immune functions and mental purity. Eating nutrient rich foods gives optimum nutrition that will enhance your lifestyle and well being.

Here are some simple dietary changes that will have a constructive effect upon your body and on the way that you feel.

1. Start each day with a glass of hot water to cleanse the digestive system – add some lemon or a touch of unsweetened apple juice for a great taste.
2. Fresh fruits and vegetables should make the biggest portions of your diet. These foods usually contain the highest levels of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water, but are low in calories.
3. Try using large variety of fruits & vegetables especially greens also don’t forget about the spinach, dark green cabbage leaves.
4. Don’t stick to tuna for every meal try reef fish [white fish] which is also a great source of proteins.
5. Try to avoid processed, tinned, packaged and refined food with a long list of ingredients, particularly preservative and additives take your time and make a habit to read the ingredient list which we always forget. The less added ingredients, the closer to the original foodstuff you are. Fill up on basic but nutritious foods.

Healthy eating is all about balance – you don’t need to cut anything out altogether, but just ensure that overall dietary intake is good, offsetting any processed, refined foods with plenty of healthier nutritious choices.


Eat unrefined whole grains.
Swap white rice for brown, white or granary bread for whole meal and choose porridge over refined breakfast cereals. Whole grains contain more fiber, minerals and vitamins. A normal mistake we all do choosing brown bread instead of white bread, brown bread has no difference at all other than the additional coloring used. CHOOSE WHOLE MEAL BREADS
Choose high quality foods.
By choosing un-farmed, free range fresh protein foods you will be ingesting a higher quality of meat, eggs and fish. Unshelled nuts has more nutrients than shelled, salted or flavored nuts, Eat oily fish, nuts or seeds to provide yourself with essential fatty acids.
Cut down anti nutrients.
Coffee and tea are all anti nutrients – they don’t really provide any nutrients for your body. Its beneficial to cut down on coffee or tea if you are consuming in large quantities. Plan an occasionally cup of tea or coffee rather than it being a daily habit.
Eat nutrients rich foods.
Make each meal colorful with nutrients rich foods – generally, the darker the color of the vegetables, the more nutrient rich it is. Swap iceberg lettuce into spinach leaves and white cabbage for nutrient rich dark green cabbage.
Don’t peel the skin from fruits
Skin of fruits contains lots of fibers which is essential.