Friday, March 16, 2007


In the past decade only few people asked this very different yet important question, would exercise enhance sexual performance? According to numerous health professionals regular physical activity is the key to improving sexual performance. By exercising, you'll increase your levels of sexual desire and performance.
In addition, a regular exercise session activates the blood flow to the sympathetic nervous system and encourages blood flow to your genital region. Ultimately this will help reduce any dysfunction.

The muscles responsible for enhanced sexual performance are known as the pelvic floor muscles.

1-Lack of general fitness
2-Being over weight
3-Chronic cough (such as smoker’s cough or chronic bronchitis and asthma)
4-Constant heavy lifting
5-repetitive straining to empty bowels (constipation)
6-Some prostate gland surgeries
1 - Kegels: Contract the pelvic floor muscles by lifting and holding up to 10 seconds and gradually release. Begin with 5 sets of 10 repetitions per day, gradually working up to 10 repetitions per day.
2 - Quick pelvic floor exercises: Tighten and lift the whole of the pelvic floor in one contraction. Hold for a count of one. Release with control. Repeat 6 times.
3 - The wave: Contract the pelvic floor from back to front. The contraction begins at the back of the pelvic floor, progresses towards the front [pubic bone]. Contraction held for few seconds and than slowly released from front to back. 5 repetitions.
4 - Sexercise: [ladies special] Practiced during intercourse, tighten the pelvic floor muscles, particularly the vaginal wall so that a grip is placed on the partner’s penis by the virgina. Hold for few seconds and relax. Perform as many sets as desired!

Above exercises are sometimes prescribed for pregnant women. It’s proven that both men and women benefit from these pelvic floor exercises. Apart from specific concentration on training the pelvic floor muscles regular physical activities like jogging, walking, cycling increases the person’s desire for sex as well as the ability of sexual performance.

Keep exercising.

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Monday, March 12, 2007


As a species we have the gluttony for good looks, we cannot deny that we take on every possible tool on board to achieve this dream. Look at the million dollar industry of ab machines which we invest on, look at another million dollar industry of dietary foods which promises weight loss in no time. This shows how hungry we are for good looks.

For real it’s simpler than we think, all we lack is good quality movement [physical activity] and determination. In early 1970’s the trend of fixed path resistance machines became popular in the fitness industry with the burst of perfectly sculpted physiques of bodybuilders.

Since the resistance training machines came on to the market advertised by these perfect bodies, exercise and synchronized movement of the body was lost, isolation became the principle.

But today the fitness advocates say resistance machines which isolates and train are not the method to enhance physical function. Yes I am talking of movement based exercise or functional training.

Imagine the concept of hammer strength row, developed looking into a basic human movement “Pulling”. Still a hammer strength row reduces function of the body as it totally isolates the back muscles and also there is no core stability involved. In a functional training world a hammer strength row can be performed involving core stability and without isolation.

If you’re on the dream of perfectly sculpted body you can also achieved it with proper functional training which enhances synchronized movements of your kinetic chain. Choose the perfect method, it’s worth it.

Imagine if your body were a music band, harmony will only be achieved when the entire component play the same tune at the same time. A band where the strings play without reference to the winds or drums could create an awful noise. Combining exercises to enhance movement capabilities will make the body do a synchronized and better movement, like a band which produces music for the ears.

Welcome to the era of functional training.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Basic Lower body stretch routine, ideal after a jog

Thursday, March 1, 2007


One of the most common concern of the world today is obesity especially childhood obesity. Technology is making people lazy, children wasting their leisure time in front of TV or computer with some kind of game or internet.

The fat nation of the world use to be America, and the country with most interest for physical activity used to be Australia. According to a recent research Australia is on the verge of becoming a fat nation just like America … surprising!!! How are we in Maldives?

Factors related with declining health & obesity ….

* Drinking less water, increasing consumptions of caffeine drinks and drinks with high sugars & unwanted calories [carbonated drinks]
* Consuming a large number of processed foods due to busy lifestyle and civilization.
* Lack of exercise

Walking is the most beneficial form of exercise and the most primary movement of a human being, human body is developed to use functional movements like walking, which is essential to maintain health.

This increases metabolic (metabolism simply means burning of calories) and enzyme activity in the body which means the human body keeps burning more calories for 12 hours or more by a short walk of 1.5 miles.

Walking is known as one of the best forms to improve blood circulation, and producing synovial fluid [the lubricating fluid made in joints]. Improving circulation thorough daily walking can improve immune function and general health. When walking the breathing muscle in the body contracts rhythmically with the abdominal muscle to aid respiration & stabilizes the body. The increase contraction of diaphragm while walking massages the internal organs which keeps the organs mobile and healthy.

Fisherman used to be the toughest people in this country, whose lifestyle were full of energetic work. Damn it … it’s changing. Introduction of luxury fishing boats and easy method of work has made them less active.

“ Masverin ves bandu laifi ” … a warning for all …