Monday, March 4, 2019


We all know it, we all heard it maybe a million times. FITNESS is the key element of HEALTH. But I am here to tell you that your body requires something more than FITNESS. 

Are we all designed to follow an early morning run followed by a hectic work schedule, family time and finally a good dinner and sleep. Are we all designed to have just the simple procedures of weekend in the same pattern. If you have carefully read the above sentence you would find that early morning run is part of our day. But does that define we are healthy? 

Fitness today is a multi-million dollar industry, This industry demands and promotes maybe few thousands or more proven methods of training and lifestyles which is declared healthy. But end of the day we all should be clever enough to know what our bodies need in oder to be healthy and to be fit as hell.

Fitness is Survival 

I have been a failed bodybuilding enthusiast as a teenager. Worked my ass off to get the perfect body trying every single pattern of eating and loads of training. As they say human body needs to be fed in every 03 hours or less, human body needs small portions of proteins in these meals to create a metabolic bout. How on earth can this be possible always? 

Preparing for my first ever Spartan Ultra Beast in 2017 was an eye opener for me, it was running a 50km on the trails with 60 plus obstacles. When i decided to take on this task I was completely clueless on how I should treat my body. I started my research on the race though I have done many Spartan Races (maximum 21.1k) before, the veterans made it sound like the Ultra Beast was more like Mount Everest. I was in to climb it.  

Well my first research started on how to feed the system in order to prepare self for this specific race which had a cut-off time of 14 hours and with some serious other cut-off times in between. I figured that the system which encourage humans to eat every 3 hours will never work if I am to be racing for anything more than 3 hours. Well, human body needs adaptation. How would I instantly adapt to hunger? How would I survive?

This was when the I started asking more questions. Was the human body fed in every 03 hours when it came to our ancestors? Maybe my imagination and thoughts has gone too wild. But I am more than sure I overfed myself as gym geek and to be honest most people are over fed. 

This was one of the toughest thing to deal with, I was a coffee addict and I was one of those who poured in calories every 03 hours to make sure I have some good metabolic bouts. I was someone who consumed protein powders to avoid muscle breakdown. I started asking myself questions. Coffee? Why empty calories … Protein shakes? Do we really need this … Training for hours? Do we really have to do this in order to conquer the Ultra Beast?

Well it was too much for me to answer instantly, we humans hate change isn’t it? I decided to address the eating patterns and food content only as a start. What I am speaking here comes from logical scientific backing, tested and experienced by me. 

What I predicted was I will take 10+ hours to complete the race (I finished it under 10 hours), and started to adapt myself with minimal food and learn how minimal food can provide vital energy for performance. I started adapting few ideas of hunter gathering days, assuming their will be times that food will not be available i started to skip some meals to make myself work through stored energy in the body. Some nights I would have skipped dinner and trained in the morning with an empty stomach. 

Somedays I would be skipping breakfast after a training hour in the morning and push myself through day to day activities for my body to adapt in the process of starvation. I made it a habit to have high protein days, low protein days, complex carb days and shuffled around my eating patterns to something not constant. Most importantly I had removed the worlds biggest addiction simple carbs in bulk (rice, pasta, chapati or any such).

During the process of change it wasn’t easy, my body started acting weird for the changes and for the first 03 days I felt tired which was obvious with the absence of high glycemic index simple carbs. 

To be continued.