Friday, October 19, 2018

Sentosa Super 

Its been a while since I ran a single race on a weekend, to be honest 2018 has been a very different year. I started with an aim of completing 03 TriFactors but as of now I am done with 04. And this one goes towards the 05th for the year!

Few weeks ago I decided to do this race, a Spartan Super in Sentosa, Singapore. It was a good feeling to get back to where I started obstacle racing. I arrived at Singapore just before the race day, and was prepared to nail a good race with a good timing.

Before the race I had a glance at the route map provided by the organizers and came to understand that race itself is on a very flat land with parts of the beach used on the terrain. Again racing on beach sand wasn’t new to me as i did experience the same in Bahrain early this year. 

There we go on to the race, straight from the road to the beach dealing with the first few obstacles. The layout of the obstacles looked interesting, early in the start the racers were tested with some heavy hercules hoists, rope climbs, bucket carries, atlas carry and sandbag carries. These carries are some of my favorites inside the race.

As i passed the 08km mark I came to understand that if I can take the rest of the race seriously I will be able to do my first under 2 hours Super which became the target. I can still remember the memory test obstacle “MUSCULAR 5700 1153”, and after this came the toughest of all in this race. The weight drags on the sand, it was long and challenging. Coming towards the finish line I saw the monkey jobs on the area with a dunk wall to freshen up before the final fire jump.

A very well organized race, with a good scenic route, the heavy rain did make the hanging obstacles tougher than it should be.

For me it was my 03rd clean race, with zero penalty burpees! not my first one. And the first under 2 hour Spartan Super. 

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