Monday, October 1, 2018

Roshi Maths

It was 1982, a normally day, where me as a kid woke up and got ready for breakfast. I never expected anything more than having some roshi for breakfast. I still remember as a kid i was able to eat 3 of them. My grandma as usual wasn’t happy I was eating so less! 

After 32 years when i speak about this, the modern culture of breakfast has changed. At least 25% of Kids do not eat roshi as parents try hard to feed their children with better food like bread and eggs. But even today the culture of eating roshi is common in many household or even on a weekend family outing in the morning.

Here is the question  

How do I lose weight without replacing roshi from my diet? At the same time a lot of my clients wants to know why I always advise them to replace roshi with more complex carbs.

Below are some maths regarding the calorie values of roshi, comparing it to the amount of activity which may be required to burn similar amount of calories. 

If you look at the nutritional facts you will see that 01 roshi carries 120 calories, out of which 33 is derived from fat, and below is a simple exercise guide to compare how much activities are required to burn similar amount of calories. 

Here is an exercise guide you could follow to burn our 120 calories.

32 minutes Walking
17 minutes Cycling
12 minutes Running

Now lets look at the the average consumption of roshi in a meal as per our habits. I have come to understand that a male on average consumes 04 roshi and a female 2 roshi (I have used very low values)

In this case the total calories consumption from roshi per meal goes up to 480 calories for a male and 240 calories to a female. 

Here is the maths; every man needs to walk for 128 minutes, cycle for 68 minutes or run for 48 minutes on moderate to low intensities for every meal. And every woman needs to walk 64 minutes, cycle for 34 minutes or run for 24 minutes! 

From what I see to create a calorie balance and consuming roshi at our scale is merely impossible! 

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