Thursday, September 20, 2018

Trans Fat

Trans fat is known as the silent killer, as many of you would have heard a thousand time “trans fats are bad” and “trans fats can cause many harmful health problems”. Lets look at what trans fat really is, what are the top 07 foods to avoid if you would want to avoid trans fat from your diet.

Trans fats are known as trans fatty acids. These fats acts quiet similar to saturated fat but in larger scale. What it does is it increases the “bad” LDL-cholesterol level in the blood, at the same time it can decrease the level of “good” HDL-cholesterol. This is the simple process that may occur deep inside you which will have harmful effects on your body in the long run. 

If you look at the nature of trans fat there are two different ways one can consume trans fat. 

1 - It’s found in lamb, pork, beef, cheese, milk in small amounts. Although there is little evidence that shows these can make things worse, its good to be careful. 
2 - Partial hydrogenation (solidifying vegetable oil) is the industrial form of trans fat, a process the food manufacturers find useful in production of fried and baked food. 

If we have a good look at the above two points it’s very clear that eating dairy and red meat should not exceed the daily recommended value. To make it simple consume it on small volumes and bigger precaution should be avoiding the industrial form of trans fat which is found in processed food. 

Let me give you a quick guide on the worst foods which are very rich in trans fat. 

1 - Popcorn, I know corn is healthy but the oil/butter coating on it on the process of production makes it rich in trans fat.
2 - Vegetable oil - whatever the label says the process of refining and heating makes it the wrong choice 
3 - Deep fried fast food - potato chips, nuggets, deep fried local short eats!! I am sorry if I sound rude but this is absolute rubbish to put inside your body. 
4 - Frozen spring rolls, crumbed chicken or fish fingers are added with a high number of industrial trans fat. 
5 - Packet cake mixes
6 - Pastries such as croissants, pies etc
7 - Fried canned snacks such as potato crisps, crackers, biscuits and cookies!

Make right choices, food rich in trans fats are not good for you and also to a growing child. 

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