Sunday, September 23, 2018

Run for your life, run till you fall

The journey 

The total travel time to reach the destination was 9 hours 30 minutes with a transit of 02 hours. For me the race begins when I step myself to catch the flight. Here are some guidelines I followed during traveling.

1 - Initial meal from the airport, a sandwich 
2 - Liquid fast on the flight, only water to stay hydrated. Do note that dehydration is a common problem when we fly for long hours. The most important thing is to drink enough water and go to the loo. (I know it is not easy to move over the next passenger to go to the toilet)
3 - Transit in Singapore was feeding time again with a small sandwich
4 - Kept myself on liquid fast through the second flight.

I am a believer that unhealthy eating patterns as carb loading leads up to bloating more than loading carbs. As a second rule our body cannot cope with excessive carbs to store it as reserves for the race.

Before the race 

Upon arrival I understood that the weather was really bad at the location, in fact it was in one of the alert area for a typhoon. And the race director of Spartan Race Philippines issued a plan B if the race (Beast) could not take place on Saturday, it will be done on Sunday and Super and Sprint will move on to Monday. Later in the evening the race director announced that the race is pushing forward as scheduled.

In the morning I prepared myself for the race packed my hydration with gels got my gear on and was ready to move to the race venue, normally my pre race meal is simple just two slice of whole grain bread and a cup of tea. It was windy with heavy rain and the typhoon was hitting the area. As I was stepping on to the car I came to know the race has been called off for the day and to wait for further news. I was expecting the race to be moved to the next two days, Sunday & Monday! 

The news 

Went back and after a brief nap, woke up to the most unexpected news. The TriFecta Weekend becomes TriFecta Day. The race director announced that all three races will be back to back with some serious cut off times.

Start time for 21km+ Beast as 0730hrs, and to complete Beast and 14km+ Super before 1400hrs to be able to start the 8km+ Sprint, where the race course will be shut down at 1800hrs. The 6 hours for a Beast and Super cut off was a tougher call than an Ultra Beast cut off! Having no choice started carefully preparing myself mentally to face it.

Race day 

Finally a beautiful day on the Sunday morning with the normal preparations methods I was at the start line up to kick off the first race. The only thing I was telling myself was “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, RUN TILL YOU FALL”. I had some cut offs in my mind and was running to meet it.

It was brutal, tough, painful and mentally exhausting!

1 - Paced myself at 7km/h to make sure that in worst case scenario I will be done at 4hours for the Beast.
2 - Decided to run three races without wasting time to fill up the pack, therefore started heavy carrying all hydrations and food for three races.
3 - Decided to run on the elevations no matter how strong the burn was on my legs.


Completed my Trifecta in a day, an amazing race and an amazing adventure. The catchy thing about the race was I nailed to finish all the races much earlier than the cut off times.

03 hours 17 minutes Beast (40 minutes faster than my best timing)
02 hours 11 minutes Super (This is my average Super Finish time)
02 hours 02 minutes Sprint (Slower than my average Sprint time, I took it easy)

It was great to know how much I can push myself and how much the body can cope with the right training and nutrition.

Photo: #paksitphotos #IwearthReeofme 

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