Monday, January 30, 2012

Is YOGA enough?


I have been doing YOGA for few good months and I am enjoying it. My doctor recommends to loose few Kgs to get back at ideal weight, I want to know if YOGA is a good choice of exercise to loose weight and maintain fitness.


I can easily say that yoga is a great form of exercise, but when I listen to women who love to train, most of them are tight on the schedule and are looking to loose weight as you do.

If they have few good hours to spend in the gym than I would say Yoga is a good addition to strength training. But remember if you have limited time yoga is not the most favorable. Any exercise that makes you spend most of the time lying down or standing will not help you with weight loss. Have you ever heard of someone who had lost a reasonable amount of weight by doing yoga? Mostly people who are lean and thin does these exercises which will make them slightly stronger, but always remember there are some setbacks to this. I would say the biggest set back is lack of exercises with weight on your back (axial loading).

We all know that strength training is one of the most important types of training for women. As women age they are prone to Osteoporosis and decreased BMD (Bone Mineral Density). The exercise program should have an emphasis on maintaining BMD, and the only way to do so is weight-bearing activities. Again walking and jogging are considered weight-bearing exercises but they only increase BMD in selected areas. Keep in mind there are no exercises that could substitute Squatting, Lunging and Deadlifting when it comes increasing BMD.

Strength training is the first priority for women who wants to loose weight and maintain fitness! The rest follows …

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