Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Physical training can teach you a lot of things to be more successful in life. It’s not only the strength you develop physically in the gym; it’s not only the mental strength you develop while you push yourselves beyond your limits.

You all know what you should be doing (exercising, eating right, sleeping well etc), but the difficult point is to get yourself started. “Your thoughts only tell you what you want, but your actions tells you what you get”

Today at this New Year think of yourself and answer yourself about your actions. I am sure you will have good enough answers to put your thoughts into actions. That’s the formula one for success, the start towards your destination.

Know the destination of your goal; create a map to get there! This map is your goal. When I ask my clients about this they say they have a goal. But when I ask to state them it’s usually very vague with no deadline attached to it. “I want to loose weight” – my answer will be how much in what time frame? “I want to run a marathon” My answer will be in how many days in what time frame do you want to complete it? Most of the time your goals are missing the M.A.T Formula.

(M) Measurable = the goal has to be something specific you can measure with results of your training.

(A) Achievable = the goal has to be realistic although it is challenging

(T) Time Frame = Give yourself an exact date to complete your goal

Get your M.A.T right on 2012

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year

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