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I have been training for long and have been struggling with my abdomen. I have sometimes been asked if I am pregnant and I have not been for several years. I believe I have a strong mind section as I have been training with a PT for more than 12 months. I have been following all sorts of yoga and other group exercise sessions. I have lost weight and lowered my fat percentage also lost few inches on my girth measurements. So what is the problem with my abdominal?


That is a very common issue, I am sure a lot of people are looking for the answer of the same question. It is known as POOCH BELLY

Some possible causes are …

1 – Leaky Gut Syndrome for which the main contributors are …
- Use of anti-biotic
- Use of birth control pills
- Use of anti – inflammatories
Mainly happens when the tight gap junctions of the intestinal walls get inflamed.

2 – Improper Activation of TvA (Transverse Abdominus)
Mainly a co factor of Leaky Gut Syndrome, you are not being able to activate your TvA properly, due to this the internal organs are pushing your abdominal wall. This is usually caused by inflammation of intestine or c-section (cut through of abdominal wall for child birth).
Also if you have not rehabilitated a previous c-section properly your TvA will not be functioning properly. This can be also a cause of Pooch Belly.


1 – Proper digestive detoxification through a naturopathic physician or a doctor.
2 – Proper co-activation and stability program

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