Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Myths - Mommy Fitness

The pregnancy belly will disappear after the baby is born.

Many wish if it was true! For some it does disappear quickly, but remember those are the lucky one with strong genetics. In time the swelling of the abdomen decreases and your body returns to a normal state. Once the uterus is back to it’s normal size, the rest of the pooch is essentially added weight gain, droopy skin and sagging muscles. A proper program will zap the tummy back into shape.

The abs will never be flat again.

Everyone can tighten the muscles back up. It takes work and proper exercise selection, once you follow the program the muscles will respond and get very close to their pre-pregnancy size. If you work hard maybe even better!

Nursing moms should not workout.

Crap! All moms should unless the doctor gives a good reason not to. Important part is they have to make sure they drink enough fluids to support milk production. Moderate physical activity is recommended. Make sure you stretch your chest and strengthen the upper back muscle.

One a note, drink 10oz (300ml) of fluid (non-carbonated and non-caffeine) for every ½ hour you train! And proper support is vital, all nursing moms need a to be fitted for a sports bra.

It is not possible to like your body better after pregnancy.

Everything you do prior, during and post pregnancy has an effect on how you feel about your body now. You can lean to love it. When you treat it right through diet and exercise it will love you back and the results will be amazing.

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