Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Tips for Ladies

1 – GOALS – Be realistic here! Don’t look for the Mr. Great Personal Trainer who will just trim you over night, set realistic goals based on your body fat percentages.

2 – GET A WORKOUT PARTNER – Find someone who has similar plans! When joining an exercise class it’s also a social event. It’s always fun to have a buddy while you hit the MegaDanz classes or Radical Power classes.

3 – CONSIDER MORNINGS – You will feel energized rest of the day!!

4 – STICK WITH THE ROUTINE – Schedule your time for exercise with your favorite class, classes are found to be motivating and encouraging. Stick with the routine or class to get the results you want.

5 – MAKE DINNER SIMPLE – Make it as simple as you can, think of things you could prepare beforehand and freeze. This can remove dinner preparations from the list and will you give some time to walk outdoors.

6 – GET THE KIDS INVOLVED – That is why we have RADKIDZ, your kids will love to play, dance and have fun while you breath in the OXIGENO classes. Another healthy way to spend time with kids is here now.

7 – REWARDING – Most of the time I find my clients rewarding themselves with food, I suggest finding alternatives to reward yourself … why not a new dress? A Spa treatment?

8 – FIND MOTIVATION – Finding something to look forward will keep you on track. Think forward if you do not feel like exercising do something that will motivate you, scheduling a special date and buying the outfit you want to wear for the special event can be a motivation. Hang the outfit where you could see it every day will give you motivation to hit the gym.

9 – DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF – Keep going is the policy! Along the road you will miss a day, don’t take hit hard. Your fun and energetic classes will get you on track when you are back.

10 – PRIORITY – This is the most important tip, reminders, alarms and everything set to remind yourself about the best investment you could do. Invest in yourself.

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