Monday, April 25, 2011

everybody's fit

The one test at TfG you can’t fail

Five reasons why you should do a Fitness Assessment

1. Are you about to start a new exercise program? Wouldn’t you love to have a way to evaluate the progress you made from the beginning to the end of the program?
2. Are you bored with your current routine? Wouldn’t it be nice if you suddenly had new goals and a spark of motivation to get you going?
3. Maybe you do not exercise at all, and you would like to know any possible health risks you may have.
4. Are you happy with your Personal Trainer? Are you achieving results? Would you want to re negotiate with your Personal Trainer looking into your progress? Keep tracking your progress trough a fitness assessment.
5. While you enjoy the group training sessions, would you want to see how your body is responding for the training? Get some expert advise through TfG Fitness Assessments.

Importance of Fitness Assessments

Whether your idea of is playing a varsity sport or changing the television channel manually when you lose the remote, it is important to know exactly where your fitness abilities lie.

Participating in a fitness assessment is an important part of identifying your current level of physical fitness. Furthermore, the TfG fitness assessment is designed to aid in the determination of one’s physical fitness status relative to age and sex, to assist developing an exercise program, and to identify health risks.

TfG Fitness Assessments measures three areas: Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Joint Flexibility.


everybody’s fit

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