Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

The majority of the reputed Personal Trainers will abide by the professional code of ethics, below are some points for you to consider while choosing your trainer.

  1. Insist on an actual full workout during the first meeting. Most personal training sessions last either 30 to 60 minutes. This initial meeting should explore what you need and process the paperwork.
  2. Tries to sell you dietary supplements. Most people may not need dietary supplements. Using food supplement is your choice but you do not have to buy it from the trainer.
  3. Says that his or her style of training is the only way to get results. No matter how confident the trainer is he/she cannot prove that his/her method is the only way, cause there are several ways to achieve results.
  4. Is hesitant to provide the proof of credentials or references. This is an alarming sign that the trainer’s credentials are less than credible or up to date.
  5. Not punctual, unavailable via telephone or email: A professional trainer will be punctual and is available to answer clients phone call and emails.
  6. Is unclear about the cancellation policy. Clients have a right to know how much time and how they can cancel a session in advance without being charged with a fee. A client trainer agreement on paper is a must to avoid this.
  7. Do not keep up with developments in field of exercise science: The personal training profession is changing fast; new developments are coming in to the field of exercise science. Trainers need to stay up to date always in order to provide the best training protocols for their clients.
  8. Does not practice what they preach. Those who do not train their own bodies may lack the dedication and motivation to train their clients at the best levels.

Hope the information was useful to seek your personal trainer today.

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