Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As we understand personal training industry is matured in Maldives; those were the days when we counted the number of trainers who worked within this small town. But today we have lost count on the number of certified/qualified trainers.

The personal training industry is experiencing an enormous surge in demand. As people become aware of what personal training offer, the demand for personal trainers grows. In fact, the personal trainer job position has never been better.

As the industry grows it is continuously evolving, and personal training is offering more than a conventional gym only job.

1 - Companies/Organisations are creating their own health programs for their employees as a means of reducing their health insurance premiums.
2 - Working outside gyms such as parks, beaches
3 - Trainers work in partnership with health organizations
4 - Boot camps

The personal trainer job outlook improves as these outlets gain in popularity

This shows that the industry is growing and lot of young energetic individuals choose fitness industry as their career path. At the same time it is unfortunate that administrators have given a very less thought on maintaining these trainers in the industry, rather we all have focused on retaining a our facility members.

Yeah I am talking of how backward we all are, or how inferior we are on change, a change to make some good quality trainers believe that they can make a living in this industry. As there is a rush in new comers in the industry there is also a big hole in the industry where good potential instructors leave as they feel they cannot make a living as a full time personal trainer or fitness professional. And this is bad news...

Although personal training is a business, in our society personal training is controlled by the fitness centre owners. The centres allow the trainers to work in their premises on a percentage sharing basis. And to the horror centres pay the trainer only 22% to 50% (defers from centre to centre) of the training charges and balance charged to the centre as commission. End of the day the income these trainers earn being full time is not suffice for a living.

As I see that this culture of personal training (absolutely wrong concept) has been brought forward by centres on the formative days of personal training in a total financial interest of their own (here again this is what I see being a trainer). I have spoken to few trainers who proudly pronounced that they trained 40+ clients (on monthly contracts) thus translating it as the trainer worked more than 18+ hours a day! I couldn’t believe my ears and went further to find the reality. They explained that in this application the trainer was working with more than 5 or 6 clients every hour inside the gymnasium translating it to a group training session NOT personal training. I see this as a dishonour to the reputed personal training profession (again this is my view). And I do not fault the trainers here as they are forced to do this due to the high commission being charged on them.

Another interesting discussions I have had with some people who trained inside gymnasiums taking a package called Personal Training is, that they spent 2+ hours training inside the gym, well I wasn’t sure what they were talking about but later came to know that they spend such hours as the trainer had to work with 5+ or sometime 10+ people at any given hour, I am in doubt how a personal trainer will guide proper intensity and progression for a group of people working with weights inside a gymnasium looking for personalised exercise plans. I am convinced Personal Training can never be a package it is a system of training which the trainers applies for personalised exercise programs..

I did some research to find out how much a PT earn per hour in developed countries, below are some average figures. In Australia it’s AUS$ 20 per hour, in United States it’s US$ 20 per hour, in UK it’s £ 20 per hour and in Singapore it’s S$ 24 per hour. Unfortunately US$9 per hour is declared a very high price within this community, which only gives a monthly MRf1500 if the client is given 12 hours (and again the trainer is charged with a 50% as commission from the centre on a minimum percentage). Our fitness businesses claim they are as good as any globally, our trainers use the same branded NIKE, ADIDAS or PUMA cloths as top people around the globe, our trainers spend thousands of dollars to seek the best education internationally available yet the business owners enter the pockets of Personal Trainers taking a huge percentage out of their earnings for using a centre (I find this illogical).

Bottom line: Stop ripping off what Personal Trainers earn, and Eid Mubarik to all.

Ps: What I have expressed in this post is my concerns which any of my fellow trainers/professionals do not have to agree neither conclude no take it personal.


Maaidath said...

very very true ... someone had to say this ... :D

Hishko said...

Indeed true... This dynamic field needs to be highlighted and it all matters ... for a better & a healthier society.. :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

sounds like you need an association or a regulatory body ...
do we have one yet ... if not ... you can help set one up ... i am sure most in the field would look up to what you have to say ...