Friday, December 12, 2008


Personal Training today is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the industry is still maturing and we do have the highs and lows when we talk of the industry. Personal Training focused primarily on physical fitness, health, disease prevention, injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning and performance through physical activity.

Personal Training includes guiding the client through a safe effective fitness regime that gives the client greatest physical and behavioral benefits with least amount of risk. It should also include a nutritional plan and guidance to positive behavioral change.

During 1970’s it became acceptable that both men and women to go to the gym, undoubtedly prior to that it was male bodybuilders and power lifters who had their home inside the gym, during those days people became more body conscious, educated therefore interested in training in the gyms. In the early days of personal training during 1990’s personal trainers where those who were the gym rats with a good body image who could just tell you how to lift weights. But today the world has changed it is more than lifting weights …

Fitness centers in Maldives started offering personal training during late 1990’s when some of the fitness centers introduced it as a service to the clients; I have seen the early days and experienced those days as one of the pioneer personal trainer who sold my service to a client during 1995, since then the industry has grown in the Maldives too. But it’s quite unfortunate that today when I sit back being an educator for personal trainers the community is with pouring complains about the service and what personal trainers offer.

Today’s personal training industry in Maldives faces serious issues, serious challenges if the present trainers need to establish them as professionals in the industry, as well as if they want to take the industry with a proper reputation to the next generation they need deliver the service a personal trainer should deliver. We need a lot of work to be done to administer the frame work of personal trainers nationwide.

Here are just three questions I ask from the people who have personal trainers, if you answer “NO” to any one of these it’s not worth working with your personal trainer as it’s simply a waste of money and time.

1 - Is your personal trainer working with you on a one on one basis on the hour you are in for working out?
2 - Did your personal trainer conduct “fitness assessments” on the first day of starting your workout, and did he/she continue to assess your fitness levels once in every 6 weeks (maximum time frame, most preferably 4 weeks) to show your progress?
3 - Have you experienced that your personal trainer is not in the gym when you arrived and has assigned his/her fellow trainer to look after you?

The problem area with the present personal trainers is that they emphasize on quantity rather than the quality of training they deliver. A personal trainer out there will take unlimited amount of clients and there is no way they could deliver proper training, guide the intensity and deliver results to their clients as long as they continue doing this. The outcome will be the loss of integrity of the trainer as well the intensity.

Say for example I have seen personal trainers having 30 clients a month, if you are to give proper training, progression and guidance to these 30 clients, the trainer needs to spend 15 contact hours a day in the gym which is physically and mentally impossible. Believe me it’s not possible at all …

The issue has to be tackled at the management level of the fitness centers as well as some leading professionals need to establish a FITNESS TRAINERS ASSOCIATION to outline the standards, code of ethics and working standards of personal trainers in the Maldives market.

I can understand that this is a difficult task to bring this on line, as most of the trainers will argue that they have to take unlimited clients as what the fitness centers pay them as personal training charges are too low. Surprisingly this argument is also valid, in fact this is true when it comes to some centers they just rip off trainer for using the facility.

Here are the lower limit charges I found out which goes around in different countries, and the argument of the personal trainers in Maldives is right looking into it.
United Kingdom - £ 20 per hour
United States - US$ 20 per hour
Australia - AUS$ 22 per hour
New Zealand - NZ $ 20 per hour
India - Rs 450 per hour
Singapore - S$ 25 per hour
Malaysia - RM 60 per hour
Sri Lanka - Rs 600 per hour
Maldives - Mrf 20 per hour

What could be the solution?

To be continued …


nazim said...

v true, pt's in male' isn't good. Waiting for next part.

Anonymous said...

my trainer has so many clients in the gym working with him at HEAT the time i go to workout, normally takes 2 hours for me to complete workout.

Anonymous said...

Are you really sure it's Mrf 20 per hour..Am paying Mrf1000 per month. Though it's 6 days at the gym 3 days is workout and the other 3 days it's cardio. So even if it is 24 hours during a month it comes upto Mrf. And if it is 12hrs it's 83Mrf. But I am very happy and satisfied with my PT at HERS.


The minimum on going rate is Mrf 800 per month inclusive of gym charges; the center management provides the trainer 30% of the full amount you pay to the trainer as the personal training charges which comes to Mrf 240. When calculated to 12 sessions per month (every other day in the week) it gives Mrf 20 per hour (this is in minimum paid PT’s).

As you have mentioned Hers (in all Male’ Fitness Club centers) when you pay Mrf1000 it is 50% as personal trainer fees and 50% as facility fees. Which gives the trainer Mrf 41.66 per hour. I can assure that MFC is the gym which pays the highest percentage to PT’s, but still there is a lot of room for improvement.

These are the calculations the clients never know and think the PT’s are paid all what you pay.

Anonymous said...

My trainer at MFC has few clients while training me, sometimes I get frustrated due to lack of attention. this post has v true information.

Concerned said...

A very intersting post, highlighting issues on the industry, waiting to read your professional opsnion for a solution.

Anonymous said...

good topic..its late to highlight this issue..looking forward for the next post

Anonymous said...

talking about the services...i would like to know how educated they are while they are taking pt. and education opportunities in the country.. is there are any qualification which makes a person to take personal training in the country..

Anonymous said...

A very interesting topic, after all it comes out from the person who should talk about it, give us solutions we are been ripped with no service by any PT