Wednesday, December 10, 2008


In recent days something really did happen to the old bodybuilding rule of the Greek ideology, which showed the eternal classic ideal human physique. If you have read the recent bodybuilding articles and the magazines going around promoting the bulging biceps, monster thighs, which will only say to get huge, gain and add size. Fitness enthusiast and general public consider the bodybuilding today freakish and unnatural.

To obtain a balance male physique your neck, arm and calf should all be the same size. Your thighs should be half of your chest measurement; your waist should be twice your neck measurement.

Surprisingly the modern day bodybuilding doesn’t look into these, all what matters is size with definition.

Thanks to Frank Zane and late Steve Reeves who maintained those athletic bodies which returned us back Classic Bodybuilding.

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding is the terms used for the new discipline of bodybuilding introduced by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) which demands to develop less muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique. In these classic competitions emphasis is placed on a muscular athletic looking physique, assessed on the 8 compulsory poses and comparisons on four quarter terns. Well the Greeks ideology is back!!

The Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Disciplines

1 – Up to and including 170cm category:
Maximum Bodyweight Allowed = body height (cm) – 100 + 2Kg
Example: A competitor, who is 170cm tall, can weight maximum of 72Kg

2 – Up to and including 178cm category:
Maximum Bodyweight Allowed = body height (cm) – 100 + 4Kg
Example: A competitor, who is 178cm tall, can weight maximum of 82Kg

3 – Over 178cm category:
Maximum Bodyweight Allowed = body height (cm) – 100 + 6Kg
Example: A competitor, who is 180cm tall, can weight maximum of 86Kg

This confirms that unlike the ongoing rule of categorizing athletes with weight, the rule has changed to categorizing athletes given maximum weight in relation to height, which will show more athletic physiques on stage.

The bodybuilding governing organization in the world has created this discipline of bodybuilding with the new training systems which are on the highs of the fitness industry called “Functional Training”. This is indeed good news for trainers who believe in functional training and athletic ability of muscles in the body, as until recent day’s world’s top trainers have this belief that bodybuilding requires no athletic ability apart from walking on to the stage and flexing muscles to their favorite music.

But today bodybuilding has changed its tune with the introduction of classic bodybuilding as a sport.

Today bodybuilding is now functional and athletic … you can do it too, and good news is bodybuilders in Maldives has a good chance to win at International Championships as we see more classic bodybuilders in Maldives unlike any other country in aisa.


Anonymous said...

this is interesting.

Hilath said...

I guess from these standards, I am 10kg under weight!

rihamxaan said...

can u help me in getting a gud healthy body in about 3 months