Thursday, November 6, 2008


Myself and Dr. Hussain Haleem (Kuda Husen) together will host the weekly fitness show called FITNESS CENTER on the local channel DhiTV. The program was telecasted live on DhiTV during the month of Ramazan on a weekly basis and suspended due to hectic time schedules of the TV station due to the historic election of Maldives.

The main objective of the program is to educate the public on all aspects of fitness and wellbeing. The program will include videos of exercise demonstration and information on lifestyle modifications to achieve maximum results. Fitness and the training aspects has evolved over the past few years and we are focusing to provide information on how to guide you through a proper exercise program, how to get started or if you are lacking results we provide information how to modify your training to get the results you’ve always wanted. If you are a competitive athlete, recreational exerciser or a bodybuilder we will be on air Live every week to give you the information you want.

Show timings every Wednesday 9.00pm to 10.00pm
Special Program live 06th November 2008 from 11.00pm to 12.00 midnight


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