Saturday, August 2, 2008


The occurrence of obesity continues to be a major health concern for adults, children and adolescents throughout the world. This rate of obesity raises concern because of its implications for the health.

Obesity increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions which includes …

1 - Hypertension (high blood pressure)
2 - Type 2 diabetes
3 - Coronary heart disease
4 - Stroke
5 - Gallbladder disease
6 - Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
7 - Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)

To stand and work against this pandemic I am pleased to announce that I am looking for candidates who would like to volunteer to train with me for a period of three months on an exercise program to fight against obesity.

From the candidates who apply on this program I will be choosing two candidates to train under my supervision totally free of charge.

Terms and condition

1 - The candidate must be classed obese and must be willing to follow an exercise program to regain a healthy lifestyle
2 - The candidate must be willing to undergo a medical assessment prior to the exercise program
3 - The candidate must be 18 years or above most preferably over 20 years
4 - Application open for both genders

What will the chosen candidates get …

1 - Free gym membership for the given period of three months
2 - Free one on one personal training with me everyday
3 - Nutritional advise

And many more with the right way to be fit …

How to apply

Send an e-mail to before 31st August 2008 with your name amd contact details. All applications will be dealt confidentially.

My guarantee

My personal guarantee for the chosen candidates that he/she will be taken on an unbelievable journey of exercise and fitness training.

Results guaranteed.


Fathun said...

If you want to hear anything regarding this, it is WOW, WOW and WOW
Liked the confidence in you with the statement "RESULTS GUARANTEED"
Good luck

Anonymous said...

is this a society oriented initiative from you.

Aisha said...



Fathun: Thank you

Anonymous: You may take it that way.

Aisha: Thank you

DhivExercise said...

Good initiative ingey...I'm training seven obese individuals here currently, two of them class-3. Their determination is amazing, although the biggest challenge is making them stick to a diet...not an easy task to change the lifestyle...but it is working at an impressive pace
great work!!