Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Will BBFM call for elections?

My previous post “BBFM demonstrated administrative disaster at Mr. Maldives 2008” has created a lot of hype among the administrators, managers and the top athletes in the bodybuilding community. People from different angles have thrown questions regarding the issue. These are the questions I’ve received by e-mail answered …

1 – Who is responsible for calling for an election?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has publicly announced that all the sports governing bodies should under a formal election process. But it is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to call upon an election for private associations like Bodybuilding Federation of Maldives. It is the responsibility of the founder members to call upon a formal election process.

2 – Who are the eligible members to vote?

All associations should call upon to seek members. As far as concerned it could be an individual, club or company which contributing to the sports in accordance with the constitution of the association. To seek members it should be a public announcement.

3 – Who is entitled to run for the Executive Committee?

Any member or member club should be entitled to nominate a candidate for the election according to constitution of the association. The executive committee should be elected with a free fair election by the eligible voting clubs or members.

4 – Who are the most deserved candidates for the executive committee?

This is a very clear question. Although Male’ Fitness Club is the pioneer fitness center in the Maldives, Muscle Load has been the pioneers in the sport of bodybuilding in Maldives for this reason they should step up first with a candidate or more when it comes to BBFM. Secondly Sports & Recreation Club of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) shall nominate a candidate for the executive committee. Third Police Club of Maldives Police Service will be the right place to nominate a candidate for the election. Apart from this leading ex athletes, trainers who want to contribute for the sport will be right candidates. A mixture of these can put up ideas to develop the sport and build an infrastructure for future development.

5 – Why are you concerned on this matter? Do you want to run for a post at BBFM?

Absolutely no, I have no interest in running for any post in BBFM, and I will not as I am not a person who strictly concentrates on one sport. As a trainer I concentrate on conditioning sportsmen from every single sport including bodybuilding, this justifies that at my field of work bodybuilding is a fraction only. And to be more realistic management and administrations is not my field of work.

I personally am not concerned at this, but I have been called by many athletes and individuals from the bodybuilding community asking about this matter as I have been a bit involved in the BBFM doing what was requested by colleagues who run the show. Also I believe at the moment the right people are at the helm of BBFM at the same time I believe there should be an election to validate this and to elect an executive committee to meet the legal status of the associations act and to gain contribution from the vast majority of contributors for the sport like Muscle Load, MNDF, Police Club & any other who has contributed in the past, this makes the scope and reach of the sport bigger.

6 – What is your interest in working towards the election of BBFM. What do you gain out of it?

Very clearly it’s to stable the bodybuilding community, to develop a proper administration who will be responsible to legislate all rules of the games. Who will be answerable to all matters with regard to the sport. In short re uniting the fractions and to work for the development of the sport.

A smooth running of development of sport which will give all athletes comfort and a reason to live the sport they love. I am an athlete oriented trainer. And I work for their interests only. Last but not the least, to clear the doubts of me wanting a seat in BBFM, once and if the elections are conducted it will be clear who and who wants to lead the association.


Anonymous said...

Very well answered, from what you've said to reply the questions it's understood that you have a valid point on what you are doing. Hoping everyone understand the issue and work for uniting the association.

Ex Athlete.

Anonymous said...

Again you got started on this? Who are you to talk about BBFM?

Keep writing you will never succeed BBFM to election coz you know why? They are more clever than you.

Dream on!

Anonymous said...

I was in the meeting recently when the national bodybuilding coach directed comments to you accusing you saying that you are wanting to get hold of BBFM. You may ask anyone who attended this. I am one of them. This is the true standards of the people who run the association.
I hope you are doing this for a good reason, and hope will this will unite everyone for benefit of BB.

Thank you for your work, we are with you.

Faisal said...

BBFM needs an overhaul, BB is a sport which can be developed , the present management has failed years ago, after years someone has at least taken initiative to voice out.