Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maldives National Bodybuilding Team Trains for Beach Games

After the end of Mr. Maldives 2008 in mid June the association has conducted a selection process to select a national team for the Beach Games in Indonesia this October. It was surprising that the selection came right after a month of the national championships.

If the association has fore seen this international event and has worked on structure this selection process is of no use. First the question should be asked from the governing body why this process exists as there are has been winning athletes who are at top condition during this year’s national event. This is due to unstructured decision making which leads to chaos among the athletes, as the national squad should comprise of the winning athletes from the national championships. If not a purpose of competing in the national championship is questionable.

Here again the BBFM was lucky, it was the winning athletes of the competition who grabbed the seats of the national squad, apart from the changes on the decision on one athlete who is an athlete of Male’ Fitness Club. At the selection process Mr. Rasheed was not selected to the national team, however the decision has been altered over night for an unknown reason and he has been granted place in the national squad.

Apart from the selection there are things which needs to be considered.

The athletes on the national squad has to be looked after, the preparation for such an even costs a fortune for the athletes compared to the income they gain. Among the selected athletes there are two athletes from MNDF and two more athletes’, one from MFC and one from Master Muscles Supplement Showroom.

MFC has proudly sponsored half the cost of Diet required for the athlete from MFC and half the cost of the supplementations, without any formal information from the association to MFC that this athlete has been selected to the national team. Some may ask do I have to be informed, the answer is yes as the responsible person at MFC I have to be informed if an athlete from MFC has been selected, it is not the athlete who comes and tells us that he has been called by mobile phone for a selection and he has been selected, if this is what BBFM believes this is very unprofessional as the association has to respect the center which the athlete belong.

It is also unfortunate that the athletes claim that there is no proper information and guidance from the association with this issue on training for the Beach Games. The association should confirm if the athletes have to raise their own funding, but I believe that association should look after the National Squad if they want productive results in international events. After all who is to be questioned if the athletes don’t reach the expectation on the games?

What’s left behind …

As I said that the association needs to be re structured with a formal election process, if not the credibility of representing the country on international events is questionable. The association needs to abide by the following of the Associations Act (Act No: 1/2003, Article 36: Existing Associations)

a) Associations registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Housing and Environment under Act No. 26/82 (Law of registration of associations, clubs and parties) and existing at the date this Act comes into effect, shall upon this Act coming into effect be deemed to be registered under this Act.

b) Where Governing Regulations of associations are registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Housing and Environment prior to passing of this Act, such associations are required to alter them such that the Governing Regulations are in compliance with this Act, and submitted to the Registrar of Associations within one year according to Gregorian Calendar from the date of this Act comes into effect.

As per information received the bodybuilding governing body has not submitted its revised constitution after the said association act came into existence. This make the governing body paralyzed to conduct its activities presenting the country in international events, due to the reason that the BBFM has not met the legal law of Maldives, and can no longer be called a valid entity.

What else should be done?

Clear and short, the athletes, contributing well wishers and the public should know the who and who of the association, yes the responsible persons after a formalizing the association.

The athletes and the well wishers are calling for elections of the BBFM


Sababu said...

BBFM has failed, we need a new management.
You are the candidate. Don't hide with excuses. Face it, win it, take us to new heights.

Anonymous said...

Sport officials can no longer follow the lead of government associations who have failed to abide by the Rule of Law. Independent associations such as the BBFM should set the standards of best practice. Go, get on with it and call for free and fair elections like a good sport.

Anonymous said...

change of place in national side for unknown reason acts as discrimination , or unfair politics in BBFM. They need to give a justification.

Anonymous said...

hope ur efoorts will finally pay off ...

Anonymous said...

As an avid fan of maldivian bodybuilding I've been to every Mr. maldives to date, and have a lot of competing athletes as friends, from what I have gathered BBFM has had numerous Talented individuals at times as officials, judges, etc but have left the federation in disgust at its politics, its time someone did something about it. Personally I've always smelled a rat.