Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The BBFM demonstrated administrative disaster in Mr. Maldives 2008

Thumbs up to Munko and Co of Atoll Entertainment who was the event organizer. It was a smooth ly organized event.

This event has been a huge success at the start (1999) and the sport was on top gear until 2002. The administrations have failed to concentrate on promoting the sport since 2002, and the down fall cannot be stopped until we find a responsible and mature administration for the BBFM.

The governing body failed to abide by the rules and regulations of judging:

Article 13.8 of IFBB Rules for Bodybuilding, Fitness and Body Fitness clearly states that at no time the number of judges should be fewer than 5. At the time of the competition there were four judges on the judging panel. After the competition athletes confirmed that the governing body mentioned “judging was conducted by 3 on the panel”. The governing body has not released any official statement with regard to this issue. Still with the four judges on the panel the credibility of the decision are questionable.

Acceptance of the fact by the governing body that the panel was not constructed as per the standard set by the rules of the game gave the athletes questions on the credibility of the decisions.

The final decision!

Mr. Mahmood Ziyad of Maldives National Defense Force was awarded Mr. Maldives, the judgment was made by the few judges on the panel without calling all three contenders for the title on the stage. It took me on surprise that all the contenders for the title were not called on stage for a comparison.

Clearly the first choice for the title was Ziyad, he was in better shape than any other competitor, but does this give the bodybuilding fans and the competing athletes a fair treatment. It’s understood that the decision should be made after calling all participant on stage and a comparison from the judges as the show is solely focused on the title holder, I believe that’s the reason why this event is called Mr. Maldives if not it could have been named Maldives National Bodybuilding Championship.

At the end of the show while leaving the hall a lot of former athletes team mangers questioned me “how the judging was conducted without three of the contenders compared?” I replied I don’t know if the laws of the game have changed or not, I have to check on it. Still supported saying it was deserved win for Ziyad.

Mega Cash Prize.

The governing body has come up with awarding mega cash prize for the future events, will giving away huge sum of cash produce great bodybuilders in this country. Absolutely No.

Looking in to the history of 10 years the governing body has not implemented a proper development program to promote the sport. Technically all the questions about development went into bottom line saying lack of finances.

Do we need a lot of finances do go and conduct seminars in the secondary schools about weight training? Do we need a lot of finances to demo the students the simple basics of weight training? Have we tried to communicate with the school sports supervisors about making the youth aware what weight training is? Development needs a plan and to use the experienced past athletes add few hours promoting the sport.

No matter how big the cash money is it’s difficult to fill up the competition floor with new comers without a development plan to make the sport popular.

Sit back and think about this sport with a passion for it …

How long will Afrah, Nihad Rasheed, Mohamed Ibrahim, Mahmood Ziyad, Abdul Haseeb, Yoonus Rasheed and Co compete as these competitors have been competing since 1999. Even now some big names in the sport like Body Ala, Imad, Alsamath, Mifthah have retired and there aren’t positive replacements of them.

Who’s Who?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has announced that all the associations have to go through it’s a formal election process. I believe the question should be raised on Bodybuilding Federation as well. A diverse range of people from different organizations are pumping in money to develop their athletes for this sport. Organizations like Maldives Police Service, Maldives National Defense Force, Muscle Load, Male’ Fitness Club and a private company called Lumber Private Ltd did send athletes to this year’s competition.

The association needs to justify the policies of being a member, need to conduct formality and elect a group of people from all these areas that are at the moment spending on the athletes to further this sport in the country.

I think it’s high time we think about the future of bodybuilding … BBFM should call upon to seek members, have a congress involving members to pass the constitution, formalize all the basic of running the organization. Without a proper foundation growth will always be in question!

“In sport, there are no limitations, no barriers of race, religion, politics or culture. In sport, we are in touch with each other” Bodybuilding is important for nation building. Ben Weider, O.C., C.St.J, C.Q., Ph.D., Founder & Honorary Life President IFBB


mohamed said...

Organizational structure of Maldives Pvt. Ltd. is very well followed by the BBFM.

congratulations Mr. Mahmood Ziyad

NoName said...

You are among one responsible person as i know.

hamid said...

Has anyone verified with the Registrar of Clubs and Societies, Ishaag Ahmed at the Ministry of Home Affairs (tel.3323280)if the Maldives Body Building Federation is a valid legal entity and if so who it's members are? If the present federation do not hold up to such legal scrutiny, we have reason to question the validity of the recently held competition!

MVBodybuilder said...

after years the true colors of wanting the chairmanship of BBFM has evolved.

Dream on!


Mohamed: Well that i don't know.

NoName: For your information I am not.

Hamid: That's good info

MvBodybuilder: Yes true colors of wanting to promote the sport of bodybuilding is out. And thats for the interest of my competitors. And in the future at any level I am not willing to take up an administrative role in any association. I hope that helps to clear your doubts.

Ahmed said...

Big disaster...Nothing was plaaned and organised..!
I think Zinan also involed in this huge drama!Still apathaa money has not been payed..wot a joke

Supporter said...

After reading this article it's understood that the organization needs an overhaul, would appreciate if you could bring the views of athletes and other relevant people in the sport.

Anonymous said...

u think u know too much. this clearly shows ur greed to go in to BBFM

keep dreaming

Anonymous said...

The "Rock Mr.Maldives 2008" was a success for BBFM and AE, yes we did face some difficulties as this is the first time BBFM had a partner in organising the show.

Judging : All the competitors were informed about the changes n what were the reasons behind it.
i guess we don have to inform u ...... or do we have to ..cos ur a son-in-law of time we do that...

U have a wrong info, up to date Body Alla has not retired from bodybuilding n he will be back next year...and many more

Mega Cash Prize - yes this will increase bodybuilders the number of participants thats for sure the way for the love of sport how many bodybuilders did u bring out....

Do u know how many GYMS were built in the atolls funded by BBFM ??
BBFm is not doing this for the Presidential Election...wake up.

And about BBFM, yes we had faced difficulties in the past, but we have learned from them and now we are back in full power and will get back to the position where we were...u will see the difference very soon....

Hamid - who are you and what do u know about BBFm n Bodybuilding ??
you are the person who tried to kick this sport out...wen u were in the don talk nonsense, do u remember wen u were shouting at ur MF members cos they were lifting heavy weights, do u know that those guys are the top body builders of Maldives now..

I am surprised to know that two of u are so thisrty to get hold of BBFM, but ur intension are wrong, u r not doing this for the love of sport, u r doing this for ur personal benefits.....if Hamid had love for the sport of BB, he shud have welcomed our GOLD medal team with RED carpet...we don wanna talk about this cos that was past .

I don have a Master Degree in fitness or wat so ever and even i am not that smart to get it in 12 months, but i love the sport of BB and also i very much appreciate the work KESTO n his friends doing to promote the sport.

Proud to be a memeber BBFM,
We are doing this for our country n will keep on doing this..
Insha Allah...


Anonymous: Great info, Understand that constructive criticism is for the good of all, not to be personal.

Yes a change of judging shall be informed to all participating bodies as they do pump a lot of money for there athletes. This is what you called to be transparent.

The appreciation of work done in the past is the reason behind this post. My personal benefit is in developing new comers on to the stage from MFC, and you will see that next year and i do look for a reasonable fair treatmen to all participants. Yes it's a personal benefit when great champs workout in your gyms! does it come down only to me. I am surprised of the narrow mind.

Good questions raised to hamid re the red carpet matter of the first gold madel to Maldives. It has been a mistery yet. And it has to be talked about ...

Body alla not retiring doesn't make any difference, name the potential new comers who are going to fill the gaps of these top athletes who has been competing since 1999.

Also I am surprised that this post is related to a two of you. And to be frank there is no way I will work at an administrative level at any association in Maldives for the next 10 years. That may sound interesting i guess.

moosa said...

As far as I know Zinan is a courages person who is not reluctant to go out on the field to prove himself.
In short time frame he went on to the Technical Development Committee of FAM, and than to Victory SC.

Handling the responsibilities of Male' Fitness Club which has proven to be the largest fitness providers in the country.

I have seen the most top athletes of the country consulting him on the field with calm and respect.

I cant understand why people say he is wanting to be in BBFM which is such a small organization compared to what he has achieved, and I've seen him as a prominent figure at bodybuilding shows in past.

And when talked about bodybuilding i see his athletes train with him at his gym. They listen to every bit of him and all of them has been winners so far ...

BBFM need to be transparent and need to learn to respect people.

Anonymous said...

Can the BBFM pls publicly state the names of their voting members? I believe that was all Hamid was asking! So no big fuss and let us get on with establishing the legal authenticity of this quite hard working association. I believe he was making a valid point ... Pls play FAIR!

Arshad said...

Shocked to see the anonymous commenter being so personal.

That clearly shows that he/she is someone who is involved in rumors spread saying that zinan is wanting to head the BBFM. I have been someone who heard so much unnecessary comments talked about him within BBFM community in Alresco, while i was sitting in the next table. being a member of both muscle load and MF I told him about the incident. He replied saying no one will say such things, I have no time to listen to it.

As he said, constructive criticism is needed in professional work atmospheres, being personal shows how unprofessional people are.

Who ever you the anonymous is we all need to digest things to be corrected.


Moosa: Thanks for the support about what I've achieved being elected at FAM technical development committee and working with Victory SC.

Male' Fitness Club has achieved what it has achieved today with the hard work and efforts of my fellow trainers and staff who has been working to make it a success. It is no miracle no it's a one man job its a creation of the team at MFC. Praise to all of them for their achievements.

About the BBFM and me wanting to lead it is a mystery which even I don't know, and I even don't know who created this and who benefits with this rumor.
After years of listening I've decided that the only way to get away from this is to face the rumor and publicly declare that I am not interested in an involvement in that entity, which i can do in my space on the internet.
And in the future I will keep on having my say about the sport here, as a matter of fact my opinions and views will never be directed to a person personally, It's just my views and openions and will be at the best of my knowledge.

Yes there are quite a number of bodybuilders training at MFC, in fact the group who is wanting to compete next year sums up to 10. from which i believe that 8 will make it on stage, and to be proud out of these at least 40% will be new comers.

Anonymous: Valid point i guess.

Arshad: Yes once again no stories please. Yes Maldives is facing a new era of sports governance, this year will be in history books of sports in Maldives. All associations will be governed by elected committees by its members as per association rule of Maldives. That will provide professional work ethics and transparency in the future.

Anonymous said...

Can this be called a Head to Head or Shoulder to Shoulder cold war? Liked it.

Anonymous said...

Where is the interest group who worked in the past competitions as volunteers? It has faded and is divided thats the reason of downfall in recent competitions.

Anonymous said...

The right thing from the right person, have a lot to talk about in this. good post

subcorpus said...

bro ...
adminstrative disaster ...???
thats a mouthful ...
guess people cant yet handle contructive criticism ...
hehe ...

Mr. Reborn said...

hey can i say something. kesto n zinaan... why are you guys fighting. nothing good will happen by fighting like that. grow up guys. i know you guys want the best for Maldivian bodybuilders.. you guys are very much concern about that.. thats the reason why you guys fighting like that.. Zinaan i wish you all the best for your fitness career and kesto i wish you are the best for your bodybuilding career... and i wish you 2 all the best for your future. i will give what ever i can help for fitness and bodybuilding ingey.. Insha Allah Mr. Maldives 2009 will rock just like "Rock Mr.Maldives 2008"... Insha better than that.

Mr. Reborn said...

you guys love each other alot dho heheheh

Mr. Reborn said...

together lets do something better for next year.. lets sit n talk dho...

Mr. Reborn said...

thee hama bodybuilding family ge meehun dho... aee dho aharumenge feshumakee.. ekuverikamakee.. miha bodu dhuniye ehga ulhey iru ekahala kudhi kudhi kanthaa dhimaavaane. dhuniyeyge mulhi thaareehah beliyas hanguraama kohgen kameh hallu vefa eh neh. sulhaverikamaa eku vaahaka dhahkaigen kanthahthah rangalhuvaanee.. ehenvyma egothah aharumenge amaluthah bahahtama dho.. eki myhunge interest thafaathuvaane.aee emeehehge amilla minivankan... never mix your professional n personal life ingey.. so shall i araange a coffee.. we all can meet dho..agree..????

Anonymous said...

Mr.Maldives 2006, 2007 and 2008. all were organized and carried out by different individuals/organizations. we have seen the organizational strength of zinan, kesto and atoll. so far in the views i have got from my BB friends the organizational work of atoll was far better than of the other respectable parties, what made Mr.maldives 2008 a so called failure is due to the screw up of the final showdown. giving the highest prize money in the history of Maldivian BB industry just in the blink of an eye in an instance of confusion was a huge blow to appatha and afrah and a potential crush on their proudness of this sport and their mortivation. it was of huge disrespect to the contestants the audience and the competition itself. its not the time to play the blame game but to atone for the mistakes of the past.
its true that there arent any newcomers who can stand up to the levels of body alla, shakir and other legends but keep in mind that their debut wasnt like their last competition. embrace the new comers encourage them and assist them then only could the new comers become legends themselves with these tallks as they cant beat body alla and others thats demortivation, so quit saying cant and work for a better generation.

Anonymous said...

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