Friday, May 9, 2008


But, Bill Phillips says 20 minutes, 3 days a week is the solution …
But, Doesn’t daily cardio burn ups muscles …
But, I believe doing hundreds of sit ups daily trims the waist line …
But, Some says in a cardio routine you start to lose fat after 2o minutes …

People have plenty of buts, the irony is, with all these buts they still can't figure out why they are not loosing those annoying body fat.

You must be wondering if you should do short duration high intensity or long duration, low intensity cardio routines. Experts suggest that High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best cardio training systems if you are trying to lose fat. Provided you are healthy and your doctor approves you to undertake a high intensity exercise programs, and you have already build a significant level of aerobic fitness.

In other words, forget the buts and get your butt on the right track! Put your mobile phone and the magazine away and do a real cardio workout. Your body will get leaner day by day …

High Intensity Interval Training is the technique of alternating short (30-60 seconds) periods of low to moderate intensity. This workout normally last a total of 15 to 25 minutes.

Here is how you do it for 21 minutes when you get on the treadmill …

Speed 6.o: 5 Minutes (Warm Up)
Speed 7.0: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 6.0: 1 Minute (Recovery Interval)
Speed 8.0: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 6.0: 1 Minute (Recovery Interval)
Speed 9.0: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 6.0: 1 Minute (Recovery Interval)
Speed 10.0: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 6.0: 1 Minute (Recovery Interval)
Speed 11.00: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 6.00: 1 Minute (Recovery Interval)
Speed 12.00: 1 Minute (Work Interval)
Speed 5.00: 5 Minutes (Cool down)

You may also use a stationary bike or any piece of cardio equipment by changing intensity on a similar manner as given above. Well it’s not all about giving it a try on the treadmill; you need to do some adjustments in the diet to maximize results.

Five small meals a day for women and six small meals a day for men or just forget it is the right phrase used by the nutrition professional.

The benefits of frequently eating include:

1 - Faster metabolic rate
2 - Higher energy levels
3 -Less storage of body fat due to small portions
4 - Reduce hunger levels and cravings
5 - Steadier blood sugar and insulin levels
6 - More calories usable for muscle growth
7 - Better absorption and utilization of nutrients

Yes you can get some good results with a well constructed three meals a day but it would not even be near to your maximum potential. It would be like comparing a Porsche to a Toyota.


Aisha said...

I like "but" and the "BUTT" :)
Nice post.

mohamed said...

too many BUTTS out of shape

Anonymous said...

BUT, move your BUTT!!

DhivExercise said...

I agree...the most popular way of weight management is the six meal rule, but it is a challenge to make clients believe this.