Monday, May 19, 2008


The percentage of obese children has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Many factors are affecting the epidemic around the globe. What if I say technology is the real culprit for children to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, yes we have taught our children to sit in from of the TV watching their favorite program, playing the most modern video games or sitting at the computer without any kind of physical activity.

What exercise is the best for your child? From traditional “Aila Kulhun” to dancing whichever your child stays interested in will keep your child fit and healthy.

Below are some guidelines on activity recommendations for children,

No specific requirement (Physical activity should encourage motor development)
1 ½ Hours (30 minutes planned and 60 minutes unstructured physical activity)
2 Hours (60 minutes planned and 60 minutes unstructured physical activity)
1 Hour (Break up physical activity to bouts of 15 minutes)

My 5 tips to raise a fit child,

1 – Be a role model, as parents adopt a healthy lifestyle on your eating habits and activity habits.
2 – Participate in physical activities with your child, go walking, swimming or what you child fancies
3 – Teach and establish a proper and regular physical activity timing for your child
4 – Keep it fun, make you child participate in activities he or she likes, school sports like football, tennis or athletics are all good options if your child enjoys it
5 – Establish proper meal timings for your child with good nutritious food

It’s time all parents become fitness parents to better your child’s future.


Niyaf said...

Thanks Zinaan. I am placing a link to this post on my website.

Anonymous said...

Good info, tips to be followed by every parent.

Aisha said...

informative post. is that your son? there is another pic of u and him in a previous post.


Dr. Niyaf,
Most welcome, my pleasure.

He is my nephew, thank you

Shif said...

the five tips are not difficult for a parent.

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