Tuesday, January 8, 2008


While in a café with some friends a secondary school friend approached and asked me about what I do, I replied him that I am a Personal Trainer. It did not surprise me when he cracked a joke asking me "do you have an exercise program which can enhance sexual performance". This is something many people ask as a joke, maybe it’s just a joke or looking for information.

Well yes exercise does play an important role in everything; a program can be prescribed to shift your pleasure factor into top gear. There have been so many researches out there which proves some specific exercises along with common strength training exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups does help to sing your way to better sex.

The workout

1 – Advance Hip Extension 2 Sets x 10 Reps

Why: This exercise is better that a normal crunch as it adds bonus to lower back strength, to enhance any performance lower back strength plays a vital role. This exercise is great from lower back, abs, butt and thigh.

How: Lie on your back with one knee bent and your foot on the floor. Straighten your other leg in the air, but keep your knees side by side. Lift your hips to align with your shoulders and knees, but keep your hips square. Hold for a few seconds. Complete two sets of 10 repetitions, resting between sets, then change legs.

2 - The Kegel Exercise 10 reps

Why: This exercise was developed in 1940s by Californian physician Dr. Arnold Kegel, the move strengthens your PC Muscles (Pubpcoccygeus). The exercise gives you a more mobile pelvic for tilting and contraction.

How: Clench the muscles you use to stop going to the toilet midstream - you should feel your pelvic muscles drawing up. Hold for 10 seconds and breathe in and out. Now lift up your pelvic muscles a bit more and hold for another 10 seconds. Allan's tip is to imagine you are taking your pelvic floor up in an elevator. Take the elevator to the third floor and hold for another 10 seconds, then up to the fourth floor and hold for 20 seconds.

3 - Pelvic lifts 2 sets x 10reps

Why: This exercise strengthens your butt, hamstrings & lower back. As mentioned in previous exercise strengthening the lower back is the key component.

How: Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your hands by your side. Lift your pelvis up and down as if you were having sexual intercourse.

4 – Push Ups 2 sets x 10 reps

Why: While maintaining the position for a push up the body strengthens chest, shoulders, arms and also provide a static strengthening for the core (mid section) of your which is essential.

How: Lie down on your stomach with your hands parallel to your shoulders, Push up with your hands until your arms are straight and your chest and knees are off the ground. Then lower your body so it almost touches the ground.

Don’t forget a 20 minute cardiovascular training routine twice a week is important to improve stamina, and stamina is important for you to rock and role all night long.


1 – Interview with Jim Pfaus, PhD, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Concordia University in Montreal
2 – Penhollow TM and M Young, Sexual desirability and sexual performance: Does exercise and fitness really matter? Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, October 5, 2004. Vol.7
3 – Stanford University. Kegel exercises. http://womenshealth.stanford.edu/femalesexualhealth-kegel.html


Kuda Boalha said...

i bet anyone who comes across this article will read it with interest.

i must say, the title of this article is a bit misleading.

Anonymous said...

this is nice ..
great info ...

Anonymous said...

you are beyond limits.
Sex education? what are you trying to do?


Kuda Boalha: Thanks, keep reading ...

I don't feel i am beyond limits by writing this post as knowledge has to be passed on every area. You have mentioned thats it's sex education so what's wrong, if this benifits anyone it's worth writing it.


subcorpus said...

i have to agree with kuda boalha ... the title of this article is a little bit misleading ... but hey ... i did click on to read the entire artcile didnt i ... thats what they call creative writing ... may be you did a short course on that too when you were in the land of the queen ... eh ?
sex education or whatever you call it ... this is useful info and could help in the betterment of one's life ...
keep on writing ... we'll keep reading ... and just may be ... we'll actually do waht you tell us to do ...
your workout programs are a bit more difficult than reading your blog... hehe ...

mohamed said...

This is interesting
How about a stat report
feedback from the girls you experimented with
like a before and after report
- and readers can also share their experiences
- like have your partner rate you from 1 to 10 today [of cause the only comparison they will be doing would be to compare you with the other partners they have had] and go do the exercise for at least for a month and get your partners feedback. And if its better than it was its time to ask THE PERSONAL TRAINER [in a joking manner] so he can help to further improve

Anonymous said...

who doesn't need this sorta advice? well, if one is the sexual equivalent of quad-core processors they may not need it but regular people do. people may ask it for fun but they really do mean it cos they only sound like they're joking cos they're too embarrassed to ask seriously. thanks for this valuable piece.

Anonymous said...

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