Sunday, December 16, 2007

Q & A - 4

Question: In the DhiFM program DhiFM Doctor you were asked if you have joined Victory Sports Club as a trainer, you did not answer the question on the show. why?

Answer: I did answer the question, few first division football teams are interested in my service as their trainer, we are on the negotiation phase at the moment. If an attractive offer works out I will work with a team in the coming season 2008. For me I have my business Male’ Fitness Club Pvt Ltd, a teaching career and police physical training consultancy, if I can find time out of these I am interested in working for football in this country as it is the number one sport here.

Question: After the appointment of interim executive committee of Football Association of Maldives the news reported that all other even the General Secretary has lost his post. What is the present status of Technical Development Committee? Is it functioning now?

Answer: I have not been informed by FAM if the TDC is dismissed or not, also not been called for a TDC meeting since the appointment of new interim committee. And to tell you the truth I have no knowledge on what’s going on in FAM on this transition process. But I can assure I am available for service on my expertise area if they require.

Question: I am a 35 old women wanting to start exercising. I want to buy some home use equipments. What do you recommend?

Answer: A home use treadmill, a Gym Ball, a Medicine Ball and an exercise mat.

Question: I have done a fitness assessment lately from a local gym (name of the gym withheld), after the assessment my results states my flexibility is poor. The test conducted was called SIT and REACH according to the trainer. Can you explain how flexibility is measured in this test?

Answer: Flexibility best defined as “the range of movement in one or more joints”. The assessment which you mentioned (SIT & REACH) is a flexibility assessment which measures the muscle elasticity of Hamstrings, Back (Erector Spinae) and muscles in the arms (biceps). When this test is conducted the results is based on the elasticity of all the muscle groups mentioned. On my openion this is not the best test to conduct to assess flexibility as it give a result based on three or more muscle groups together. It is advisable to measure flexibility of single muscle groups separately with instructor assessing each muscle group related to a joint separately whilst the muscles are relaxed. This way you could identify the muscle group with poor flexibility, in a sit and reach test you can only predict it to be hamstring, lower back or biceps.

Question: Lately while browsing internet I got to know “pace running”, is this an effective method of jogging.

Answer: Absolutely yes, pace running is a very good method of cardiovascular training. The concept is you have to maintain the same speed (pace) through out the jog. The intensity is high but it’s a fantastic method, especially for athletes.

Question: I feel a pain in front of my lower leg when I increase the time of my jog, why does this happen?

Answer: It’s called shin splints, refer to my article shin splints , which gives you the cause and the rehab process.

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Anonymous said...

FAM should inform if the committee is no more active. It's a waste of time trying to help FAM as it's a place corrupted from beginning.