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Rachey on his winning deadlift, the intensity is seen on his expression whilst he lifts a wopping 270% of his body weight which is 170kg / 374Lbs.

Maldives has stepped officially into a new sport; weight lifting is an Olympic sport where the athletes have to show their maximal strength on stage.

Since the official registration of Weight Lifting and Martial Arts Federation of Maldives the first similar event to be conducted was Male’ Fitness Club (MFC) Deadlift Challenge 2007 which was held on 02 Nov at artificial beach. The competition was organized and hosted by the Trainers of MFC.

Seven athletes competed to become the best lifter and who could show maximal strength, it was challenging and the participants did show shocking strength levels.

  • Mr. Giyas Ibrahim from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 92Kg
  • Mr. Hamdhoon Ibrahim from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 80Kg
  • Mr. Faisal Najeeb from Muscle Load, Body weight 67Kg
  • Mr. Nihad Rasheed (Beyya) from Master Muscle, Body weight 71Kg
  • Mr. Ali Shareef from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 59Kg
  • Mr. Mohamed Rasheed (Rachey) from Male’ Fitness Club, Body weight 61Kg
  • Mr. Ajith Kumar from Muscle Load from Muscle Load, Body weight 73Kg

What is Maximal Strength

Muscular strength is commonly defined as the ability of muscle to generate maximal force. It should be noted that muscles are able to demonstrate maximal force production in a variety of different situations. These include concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions, as well as any variety of movement speed velocities for the isotonic actions (knuttgen & Komi, 1992).

Development of muscular strength can be of benefit for a wide range of athletic endeavors as well as many every day situations. Competitive power lifting (squat, deadlift, clean and press and bench press) is perhaps the ultimate expression of pure strength in a competitive context.

Rules of lifting at MFC Deadlift Challenge 2007

The bar is laid on the platform facing the judges. The lifter picks it up in one continuous movement until reaching an upright position with shoulders locked.

On the signal "Down/whistle" from the chief referee, accompanied by a downward movement of the hand and arm, the lifter must return the bar to the platform.

Causes for disqualification, resulting in no lift, are:

· Any downward movement of the bar before the lifter reaches the upright position
· Failure to stand erect, with shoulders back and knees locked
· Movement of the feet in any direction during the lift (rocking on the heels is permitted)
· Lowering the bar before the head judge's signal
· Allowing the bar to return to the platform without maintaining control with both hands

Point System

The athlete who could lift the maximum percentage of his body weight was declared the winner. For example a person weights 70Kg and lifts a maximum of 135Kg which means he has lifted 192% of his body weight, and another person weighs 65Kgs and lifts a maximum of 130Kg which mean he has lifted 200% of his body weight. In this case the person who weighs 65Kg has shown more strength in his body and will be declared the winner.

Winners and their winning performances

· 01st Place Mohamed Rasheed (Rachey) from Male’ Fitness Club who lifted 170Kg which is 270% of his bodyweight
· 02nd Place Ali Shareef from Male’ Fitness Club who lifted 155Kgs which is 263% of his body weight
· 03rd Place Faisal Najeeb from Muscle Load who lifted 165Kg which is 246% of his body weight

The challenge was amazing as the big guns of weight lifting at present showed their strength at this show and the crowd enjoyed every bit of the heat on the lifting platform.

The championship was judged by the officials of Weight lifting and Martial Arts Federation of Maldives who is a affiliated member of International Weight lifting Federation
Rules of Lifting by: Weight Lifting & Martial Arts Federation of Maldives

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