Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Name: Ahmed Rasheed (Rachey)
Off Season: 70Kg
Competition: 64Kg
History: 5 Years of dedicated training, 01 year competition history

Rasheed (Rachey) first appeared on a bodybuilding stage last year (2006) on the flyweight (below 60kg) category, on days that Male’ Fitness Club (MFC) was not famous for bodybuilding I created this great talent to compete the top level bodybuilders in the country. Well he did impress all the judges on the panel with his symmetry and definition. As 2006 was his first ever competition he had a bit of stage fear and stiffness which lead him to perform below judges expectations and was placed 02nd in his weight category.

Since 2006 Mr. Maldives ended we have been working to develop his main weak areas, working to develop his flexibility issues and to loosen up his tight muscles, he will be on stage with more muscles, definition and perfect symmetry to give the biggest fight to win the title.

His pre season training routine:

Day 1
Morning: Indoor Rowing (30 Minutes)
Evening: Legs
Day 2
Morning: Walk (40 minutes) & Abdominals
Evening: Chest & Biceps
Day 3
Morning: Indoor Rowing (30 Minutes)
Evening: Back & Triceps
Day 4
Morning: Walk (40 Minutes) & Abdominals
Evening: Shoulders & Forearms

Cycle repeats from the 5th day giving Friday as full day rest/recovery for him.

Mainly athletes who compete in the bodybuilding competitions go on strict diets o3 months before the competition, but I have not implemented dietary changes for rachey as the athlete maintains a state of readiness and definition in his body through out the year. Rachey will follow strict diet for only a week from the competition date.

Rachey will be tough to beat in the upcoming Mr. Maldives 2007


Anonymous said...

wishing him good luck on mr. maldives ...

Anonymous said...

best of luck...:D

subcorpus said...

best of luck to you bro ...
i am sure with you rachey can expect to beat the rest ...

Ishan said...

Rachey go win it ... We are with you ...

Mode said...

Zinan Sir,

u r clever playing psycological as jose marinhnio does in football ...

great work ... go win it