Friday, November 23, 2007


Wash board abs are rear and all the regular exercisers out there work for it and surprisingly it doesn’t come out easily. It is common that people do hundreds of sit-ups, leg raises or any other abdominal exercises after a gym workout to discover their way close to the dream. But ask yourself why do you do it after workout when it’s what you badly want, why can’t you do it in the beginning of a workout? Why do you do loads repetitions unlike any other body part, is doing more repetition making it any closer to the six packs?

Take a look at what can be some negative effects on doing hundred of repetitions targeting the abdominals.

1-Overtraining – which may have reverse effect on responding to exercise

2-Postural problem as when muscles are given continuous tension it shortens and the opposing muscle lengthens, here as the abdominals shortens (with overloading) your lower back (erector spinae) lengthens, imagine what an impact that will create on your posture.

Also some reasons why people workout their abs always at the end of a workout session.

1- A traditional way of belief that all abdominal work should be done after workout
2- Can have ample amount of time to do abdominals

Get away from all these beliefs and hundred of repetitions, look at how you can effectively workout the abs.

The important part is you treat your abdominals as you treat any other muscle in the body, that is to say that you need to work your abs just the same as you workout your most favorite body parts like chest, bicep!! This may sound very different but it’s a fact that abdominal muscles respond best when it is treated as any other muscle or muscle groups in the body.

A good way to work abdominals is taking two days from your 6 days weekly workout cycle where you fully concentrate on abs with some cardiovascular work. Also remember stretching out the abs is vital to maintain good posture and definition in the abs.

Try to fit in this routine twice a week and see the difference.

5 - 10 minutes warm up (on any Cardio machine or a small exercise to music warm up routine)
30 seconds one leg standing with a bar rested on upper traps
(Alternate legs and work 3 times for 30 seconds on each leg)
2 setsx12 reps Swiss ball crunches
2 setsx12 reps Medicine ball twist crunch
2 setsx12 reps Back extension (with added weight)
20 minutes Cardio workout (i.e. jogs, walk or cross training)

Full body stretching maintaining each stretch for minimum 10 seconds

Good luck on your Ab workouts …

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Modu said...

explained well, looks like u have spoken about a common myth.