Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Team MFC starts for Mr. Maldives 2007

MFC athlete Adil (Left) 01st Place, Ajmal (right) 2nd place in fly weight category on Mr. Maldives 2005.

The Bodybuilding Federation of Maldives has announced the dates for this years Mr. Maldives (The National Bodybuilding Championship). The competition will be held on the second week of December according to BBFM.

The first bodybuilding championship was held in Maldives during 1999, and before a National level competition Maldives participated in Mr. Commonwealth during 1998. I am delighted that I had the chance to serve BBFM since than.

Now where am I heading with Bodybuilding in Male’ Fitness Club(MFC), yes I am determined to work and produce bodybuilding talent in Maldives and win the Mr. Maldives by an athlete from MFC in the coming years.

In the past years MFC has not been well known for producing bodybuilders, as the sport was not our sole concentration in the club. The club was devoted to train all sporting talent and concentrate on recreational weight trainers and lifestyle exercisers. Now that the club has a good reputation in guiding the sports personals from all sporting areas, I have diverted my concentration on producing bodybuilding talent in the country.

In the history of bodybuilding in Maldives, MFC has participated in the Mr. Maldives competitions although we were not vocal on the area. In the past 2 years we have won 2nd, and 3rd place ranking in the flyweight category. And in 2005 our athlete won a 01st place too.

As this years Mr. Maldives is approaching we have selected our athletes for the competition, our team consists of 04 athletes and the team will be on perfect condition for challenge in December. The competition preparation has begun. I am convinced that my team will win medals for the club.

Competition preparation is a rough ride to bodybuilders, it takes a lot of discipline to get on stage with that perfect muscularity, symmetry and definition in the body and training is dead hard. The athletes have the winning spirit and they are hungry to win.

At present pre season training has been implemented, with lots of flexibility work and group exercise moves to loosen up their muscles. Posing practice is also going in same line along with pre season training.

On the 26th October the athletes has been checked for weak areas and training adjustments has been made for weak point training.
The progress of training will be given on this blog. In the next article descriptions of all athletes from MFC with the detailed training procedures will be published.

“When winning means more to you than just living”, we are hungry to bring the trophy to MFC. My athletes have the spirit and will not give up until the trophy is in our home.


Anonymous said...

oh u challenging muscle load? interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

what r u trying to prove, muscle load rules bodybuilding, male' fitness club sucks at bodybuilding.

Afzal said...

you can do it, i've seen bodybuilders at MFC and also seen them training and posing at gym with ur instructions.


Anonymous 1: Yes I am challenging muscle load on bodybuilding in the comming years not only muscleload any place which has produced bodybuilding athletes in the past.

Anonymous 2: I am trying to prove that MFC is capable of producing bodybuilding talent, and bring the Mr. Maldives title to MFC in the coming years. We won't give up!!! MFC has appeared in bodybuilding stage in the past two years. Now we are gonna rule it in the future!!! We are on the race will see who wins it in the coming years.

Afzal: thanks, as a member of MFC you have the supportive spirit, be there to see the competition to support our athletes.

iRFAN said...

To my knowledge at first MFC was all about Healthy Fitness Programs but lately i have noticed some good bodybuilders coming out from there.Its a good step. For me its all about the instruction and the help which counts - THATS JUST ME. MFC rules on that. Its always a good challenge that keeps the sport on the road.Yet i dont think any place sucks. Good Luck MFC.

Mode said...

Hello Zinan Sir

I can see that the spirit of sportsmanship is alive at MFC from what u say!!

To have a person like u to lead team MFC, there is no doubt u'll pave ur way to win Mr. Maldives to MFC.

No pain no gain, am i right?


Irfan: Very true thee some good bodybuilders coming out of MFC hoping to see more in the future!! Thanks

Mode: Thanks

mr venom said...

shalhi zinan u have said it loud n clear ... n u have done it. rachey from MFC wins mr maldives n i am proud to say i am from MFC n TC sports club, so is mr maldives 2007.

mr venom said...

last nite show was great .. i have seen the last 3 years show n this was the best. obinoave .. shalhi ...