Friday, September 28, 2007

Question & Answers 3

Question: You have mentioned that you are rehabilitating goal keeper IMRAN, do you think he will be able to play the world cup qualifiers or SAFF championships, I’ve read news that his name was included in the National team squad announced recently.

Answer: Yes I am looking after the rehabilitation (conditioning) of goalkeeper Imran, it’s totally impossible for him to participate in the World Cup qualifiers against Yamen. Second at this stage it’s too early to mention that he can or cannot participate in SAFF Championships. His training is progressing as projected and we’ve moved several stages of training, the good news is you’ll see him jogging on the track grounds every other night as part of his rehabilitation.

Question: My son who is 15 years wants to go to a gym and start weight training, he is active and weigh about 60+Kgs, 5’5” tall. Is it a good idea?

Answer: I would say it’s a fantastic idea. Weight training can be started at early teens. Getting hold of a good trainer and starting a supervised weight training program is advisable. Arnold Schwarzenegger started training with weights at his teens, who knows your son, can be the Arnold of Maldives if he gets interested in Bodybuilding.

Question: You have been nominated on the Technical Development Committee of FAM; you haven’t got any experience in football as player or anything related to football? Why did you accept to work there without any experience in football?

Answer: Yes I have not been a footballer that means I have no experience in football as a player. But I have done strength and conditioning of many footballers for the past several years, worked with a large number of footballers in injury rehabilitations from which I’ve gained experienced in conditioning footballers and injury rehabilitation of the same. I accepted the post as I believe that my qualification as a physical/personal trainer and the experience I’ve gained by working with footballers will put in light in the development of football in the country. I’ll try my best!

Question: I’ve got to know from your clients that your style of training is very different from almost all trainers in town; you hardly use the machines in the gym. Can you explain why?

Answer: I am a firm believer in Functional Training & Movement Based Exercises. Say if I am training a female client I will focus on her core (mid section), and moving the whole body in almost all exercises, I will never make her sit down on the Machine Bench Press and do it as the exercise will not be functional for a female client. I use stability balls, medicine balls, cable motion, balance boards, fitness boxing which is the new era of fitness. Next, if I am training a footballer I would not ask him to machine shoulder press, I will work on his shoulder with some functional medicine ball exercises which involves core together with his legs. The idea and belief behind functional training is to train the person for his/her sport or requirement giving away the traditional machine based exercises.
I do use machines when training bodybuilders mostly on there conditioning phase for competition which needs lots of isolation exercises, that means those isolation exercises are functional for them. Functional Training rules …


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Yeah for a change I decided not to put pictures on the question and answer posts ... all others will come with pictures hopefully

Ahmadey said...

bad news for maldivian national team ... imran is in safe hands let's not loose hope for SAFF