Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I first used an indoor rowing machine while doing my further studies, from the first day of use I understood that rowing is one of the best form of exercise as it involves both cardio and a strength effect. Rowing is definitely one of the best form of exercise, looking at the kinesiology of rowing it’s understood that all the muscles are used whilst rowing. From that day I made a promise that one day we will have few rowing machines in our club. Today 03 rowing machines are installed and the clients have accepted the machine and are having a good time exercising on it.

Lets take look at a proper rowing stoke without using complicated language it’s explained on diagrams…

The Catch
The Drive – Leg Emphasis
Body Swing Emphasis
Arm Pull through Emphasis
The Finish
The Recovery
Whilst rowing for the first time here are some important guidelines you should follow

The Very First Row
Resist the temptation to row for 30 minutes the first time on the machine. It’s recommended to start with no more than 3-5 minutes at a time. Then take a break to stretch and walk around. If you feel good - do up to 4 of these short intervals of rowing.
The Second Row
Begin experimenting with stroke rate and power. Stroke rate is your tempo in strokes per minute. It is displayed in the upper right corner of the Performance Monitor. Power is how hard you are pulling. It is displayed in a choice of units in the central display area : watts, calories, or pace. Try some 3 minute intervals of rowing, varying stroke rate and pace.
The Third Row
Introduce longer rowing with stroke rate variation. The Fourth Row. Longer steady rowing. The Fifth Row. Short intervals for variety and for a chance to see how fast a pace you can achieve.
The Fourth Row
Longer steady rowing.
The Fifth Row
Short intervals for variety and for a chance to see how fast a pace you can achieve.
Benchmark Piece
30 minutes, non-stop. Definitely record your total meters rowed for this piece. You should repeat this workout periodically, every few weeks, to see how you are progressing.
Try rowing for a change I am sure you will like it.
Kinesiology of the rowing stroke, NSCA Journal, Volume 10, Number 2, 1988, Thomas Mazzone, M.D. Wyoming County Community Hospital, Warsaw, New York


XENO said...

You might be interested in my indoor rowing dvds. We have one that is especially about technique.
I went to the Olympics three times and won gold and silver in the men's single scull.
All the best,
Xeno Muller

Modu said...

hello sir

Olympic gold medalists visiting your blog!!! i visited the websites he has mentioned.


Hello Xeno
It's a pleasure that an olympic winner visited my blog!! Checked out your website, hopefully will get some DVD's on rowing from you.

Thanks again

Hello Mode
yeah it was my pleasure

subcorpus said...

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this is like very good ...
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good work bro ...
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Bro it's only listed in MVBLOGS ...


marie32 said...

Thanks for the great pics. That's one of the reasons I love rowing...it uses SO many muscles! As a runner, I often feel like I have no arm strength because I focus so much on my legs! One of my friends introduced me to the Rowbike a little while back, its totally cool. Its the combo of a stationary rowing machine and bike so you can propel yourself forward with the rowing machine. Super great work out! You should check out their site, I think its www.rowbike.com.

Yay for rowing!

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