Sunday, August 26, 2007


Note: Below are some questions I recieved by e-mail and on the comment column, i have not published the senders name on any question, as the questions are used as educational material for readers of this blog.
What would be the training methods using weights to overcome stress?
As mentioned in my article about stress, cardiovascular exercise is the best solution. However if you are looking forward for a weight training routine I would recommend a moderate intensity circuit training routine with 8 exercises which includes compound exercises (multi joint movements), by performing a weight circuit you will be able to keep your heart rate in your target heart rate zone.
Can you recommend some tummy exercises to reduce tummy? I have been doing sit-ups and more which a trainer recommended but it doesn’t seem to work?
There are no such exercises that reduces tummy, it’s a combination that works, let me explain… Sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and so on tones your mid section and provides muscular strength and endurance to your abdominal muscles which has no direct impact on reducing the fat layer on your midsection. The definition and reduction of fat comes with cardiovascular exercise, and a controlled calorie intake. Try a moderate intensity of jogging or cycling with a minor reduction of food consumption together with the abdominal strengthening exercises which your instructor has prescribed. You’ll be there soon.
I run around Male’ frequently, my normal timing is around 25 to 30 minutes, at the age of 41 I am looking to improve my timing and in the long run attempt to run a half marathon, what would you recommend?
Well done 30 minutes to cover 5.3km at the age of 41 is fantastic, the idea of aiming for a half marathon is a good challenge for you to look forward to. If you are not doing any strength training at the moment I would recommend you to join a fitness center and do weight training circuits under the supervision of trainer twice a week. I would not be able to prescribe a workout for you with the details you have provided but I can guarantee you that with adding 2 days a week of weight training to your exercise regime you will improve your timing of your round Male’ jog.
My daughter is 16 and is very skinny, she is scared of food and getting fat, and she is over active always into exercise normally twice a day, is this healthy?
That condition is known as anorexia, an eating disorder which is most common in ladies where they starve themselves and over exercise too. This condition normally starts at a very young age and there body fat is normally under 15% of normal. People who suffer from this condition are very skinny and still they fear that they are overweight. This can be a long road for you to make your daughter understand this; you have to meet a support group with a psychologist together with your daughter’s trainer and tailor some program which meets her needs.


x-criado said...

Dear Friend,
How is the best way to get rid of this 'akunivayah dhemun' ? ? actually
i get this everytime i swim

Amjad said...

can you give some examples of what you have mentioned as compound exercises? and can please explain why is this kid of exercise recommended?

modu said...

Hello Zinan Sir,

I read every article on your blog, and i find it very informative. Thank you very much for everything you are the best trainer best teacher.

For me your confidence, anger and humor you put on the field makes you the perfect trainer...

in your words "move your lazy ass and never give up" l liked that phrase tried to copy it while training others but it doesn't come out that way. I know you told us "be yourself on the field" but cant help like that phrase so trying my bast to copy it.

Lamsa said...

big b goin strong can i lose my extra weight for oct without havin to spend time on exercise??? im too busy with assignments hehee


Please refer to my next question and answer article, hopefully will give you a explanation.

Squats, bentover rows, Lunges, Bench Press and so on which moves many joints ...
these kind of exercises are recommended as when you move more joints you can keep your heart rate up in the zone.

Thanks alot for your great words ...
"Move your lazy ass and never give up" keep that pharse moving you'll be a great trainer in the future ...

hello lil sister, hmmm you being my sister don't want to exercise dho ... well diet can be a option but not advisable from my side without regular exercise ... do some walking or jogging will send you gidelines to control diet ...

aishath said...

like the way you explain!!interestin.....