Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I am honored as Capt. Dr. Hussain Haleem is at my door for training, for his future marathons, The former Olympic athlete and countries top sports professional who holds a PhD specialized in sports psychology, sociology and physical education will be training with me to rehabilitate his ankle and problems in his right leg and will progress to a future local marathon at the age of 38. On the first day of training I have assessed his injured leg and started his rehabilitation process.
Dr. Hussain will be going through a series of periodised training focusing to develop his muscular endurance, muscular strength and most important his functional flexibility. The problems associated with his ankle are due to repetitive usage on the tendons and ligaments around his right ankle joint.

I am dedicated to train him for the upcoming marathon on December this year. The progress of his training will be published in this blog and wish him good luck for his future events.


Anonymous said...

i think its great that hussain is going to train with u.i guess him coming to u, defines your status as one of the best in the business of personal training..

and on another note: can u explain wat this is "Coccydynia". could any exercise lead to this?..

Anonymous said...

Did you get permission from Hussain to divulge such client information?


Coccydynia is tailbone(coccyx)pain


1 - A fall on the tailbone can inflame the ligaments or injure the soem parts of sacrum

2 - Childbirth, during delivery, the baby’s head rides over the top of the coccyx and can injure the same structures.

I have not seen any study which indicates that exercise is a cause for Coccydynia.



Yes permission has been granted by Dr. Hussain to publish the information and progress in this blog. Also according to data protection act for personal trainers in Europe and world wide the information can be revealed, as it explains the nature & cause of injury and structure of training.

Also in the future progress report, will ask Dr. Hussain to give a word from him why he intend to go on the marathon after retirement as a professional marathon runner.

Best regards and keep commenting

Anonymous said...

Hey mate ...

You are flying, checked out your blog just now whist on chat, Good work

why don't you give your blog addy to your lecturers and trainers they will be proud to see it.

Have you got some work for me in the beautiful maldives.



Hey Ann

Thanks for commenting, Well will invite you to come to maldives hopefully after arranging a seminar or something for the trainers in my small gym ...

Oh yeah will post the blog address to all of them

Cheers mate