Saturday, July 14, 2007


MYTH 1: Skipping breakfast before a morning workout help burn more fat
FACT: Skipping breakfast will not help you to burn more fat, it will potentially cause you to burn fewer calories as you will get tired soon or will not be able to train at a high intensity, you will be burning fewer calories including fewer calories from fat. After 8 hours of fasting whilst sleeping you should at least fuel your body with some fluids and essential carbohydrates
MYTH 2: Antibiotics impair performance
An infection is much more likely to cause a decline in performance than the antibiotics that have been prescribed to treat the infection. One of the most common side effect from antibiotics is diarrhea, which leads to dehydration and cramping with exercise. Frequently antibiotics are taken with over the counter medications such as decongestants and antihistamines. The side effects these medication do impair performance, including dehydration, heat intolerance and sedation.
MYTH 3: Sex before competitions or training slows you down
FACT: In the few studies that have tackled this issue, no detrimental effect was noted on maximal workload or concentration due to sexual activity. One study did note elevated post-exercise heart rate when sexual activity had taken place just two hours prior, but keep in mind that these studies were not double-blinded, and surely were not placebo controlled.
MYTH 4: Strength training will make the women too muscular
Women by nature has smaller muscles and less testosterone than men, it’s difficult for them to build large muscles, the women you see in magazines which promotes bodybuilding have built it probably with the use of lots of supplements or steroids with decades of intense resistance training. Women, who train with weights become stronger, firm and have a high metabolism which is indeed good news to have the lean body which you always wanted.
MYTH 5: Once you stop strength training your muscle will turn to fat
FACT: This process (muscle turning to fat) is physiologically impossible. Once a person stops strength training, their muscle will begin to break down (catabolize). Muscle breakdown along with a stop in strength training may lower their metabolism. And if you happen to eat the same amount of food as before, you may experience an increase in fat due to excess calories and a decrease in activity or exercise.


nazeee said...

MYTH: Oh Yeah!
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subcorpus said...

myth 3 was really bugging us all for a long time ...
thanks for explaining it out to us ...
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