Monday, July 30, 2007


Today Imran has been re assessed for movement patterns and functional strength, a lot of good news and hope for the athlete.

  1. His injured leg has shown slight improvement in strength
  2. He has shown progress in mind and body relations, he has started to use his quadriceps muscles when doing the relevant movements.
  3. We have crossed the first phase of training and moved to the second phase where the athlete has started to perform half squatting, leg presses, free weight knee flexions, free weight knee extensions.
  4. The athletes gait movement has been observed near normal, he needs a bit more psychological support to make it perfect.
  5. Muscle hypertrophy (muscle mass) observed on the injured leg which is indeed the best news.
The 26 year old goal keeper from victory sports club is fully focused on his recovery process and is working according to plan.


Anonymous said...

Since he is recovering at a good rate, its all good news for us fans of local football.

Anonymous said...

Showing progress is good and i am impressed with the rate of it, well done

i have a question for you:

Are you the trainer of Victory or National Team, as the task is supposed to be dealt by one of those...



I am not the trainer of victory sports club no the National Football Team.

x- criado said...

Hi there

Nice to hear about Imrans Recovery. By the way, Can you email me the details of when Ahmed mohamed (Ammadey)starts his rehabilitation details so that i can make a post on the fans of new radiant blog.