Friday, July 27, 2007


At the beginning of last week I have taken the responsibility of rehabilitating the Maldivian National Team Goal Keeper IMRAN from a major ligament surgery. I will share the progress and procedure of his rehabilitation process with the readers as lots of football fanatics look forward for his presence in the regional competition.
Following the injury in 09th May 2007, The Athlete has undertaken a major arthroscopy on his left knee from which he need to recover both psychologically and physically. Below are detailed observations and present condition of the athlete.

Rupture in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
Sprain Lateral Colleteral Ligament (LCL)

Sub acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction (Bone Patella Tendon Bone graft)

Muscle atrophy (waste), restricted movement and very low muscular strength observed on the injured leg.

The rehabilitation process began on 21st July, at the first day athlete has been assessed for movement patterns and functional strengths, to bring an athlete back to field after a surgery of this severity normally takes 6 months depending on many factors. At present the athlete is working out twice daily on a very low intensity with the periodization plan for six months.
The good news is Imran has started showing progress in a very short timeframe of 4 days, and I hope his recovery will be faster than 6 months, I would say I am confident that I will bring him back to field in 4 ½ months if the training is progressed according to plan and training protocols I have prescribed.

This gives you the football supporters some hope to see him playing on the SAFF championship.


Anonymous said...

hope imran recovers soon to play the championships, maldives really need him.

Am sure he is in safe hands ...

Anonymous said...

its great to c someone who is passionate about his work and takes it seriously. That is somthing that this country needs to build. People who love their work. I hope your enthusiam will not fade away.

Al said...

regular sustained strength training developed by a qualified and experienced pt can help you achieve your goals, i've witnessed this personally..i'm not into footy but my best to imran and zinan


Thank you all ...

I have two targets with Imrans training ...

As a trainer I would say my first target is to put him back to game fully recovered and in his best condition, shape with a 100% fitness levels for a footy athlete.

About him playing in the SAFF championship is a challenging target which i am working on. I will put in all my energy,effort and knowledge to put him back in field before it.

For the information of all you readers he is a very deciplined, dedicated athlete. Me togather with IMRAN will count everyday as an imporatnt day for his future.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

its nice to have a personal trainer who is truley dedicated to his work...its hard to fine those in maldives..

Keep it up..

PS- Do u give online fitness advice if so how..