Wednesday, May 30, 2007


1. Not setting goals: just lifting weights will not do, taking the best brand of supplements will not help. You got to have a realistic goal when training.

2. Aiming for quantity over quality: Always concentrate on the quality of your workout rather than number of times you hit a body part each week

3. Don’t train until you are sore: Know you limit and do a proper workout, killing yourself will not do any good to add muscles.

4. Overtraining: You don’t have to do what the pros do, understand your body and do an adequate amount it can cope.

5. Excessive focus on load instead of technique and form: Proper technique and form of exercise really matters, adding up load and using two or three spotters aren’t doing any good to you.

6. Too much focus on strength: You are not a weight lifter! You don’t have to be the Mr. Strong guy in the gym … This takes your workout out of the training zone and moves you to a strength training zone

7. Lack of consistency: If you are to be a bodybuilder be focused and be regular, don’t be the yo yo man who visit the gym once in a while.

8. Too much rest between sets: Don’t be the guy who starts a conversation with the gym buddy between sets or start a phone call between sets.

9. Poor eating habits: Eating anything will not help choose the right nutritious food and have proper meal times.

10. Insufficient variety: Doing the same exercises year round will not help, be creative add some variety to your workout.


Anonymous said...

sounds good and true, as we are not professionals hope you will come with solution for bodybuilding freaks ...

Anonymous said...


i read your articles regularly and i have a question for you ...

How do I tone up and lose fat under my arms and around my triceps?



Hi Hajja

Will answer your question very soon.

Anonymous said...

Ask the experienced rather than the learned

Mujey said...

No...ask the experienced and the learned...i think zinan had got all