Friday, April 27, 2007


Frequent Exerciser 2006 (Male) – Mujuthaba Saeed
Award Presented by Ms. Mueena Mohamed [National Table Tennis Champion]
Total Workouts in 2006 – 313 Days

Frequent Exerciser 2006 (Female) – Mariyam Sheenaz
Award Presented by Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim [Mr. Maldives 2006]
Total Workouts in 2006 – 291 Days

Most Successful Sports Professional – Capt. Dr. Hussain Haleem
Award Presented by L Cpl. Hassan Iad [National Bentam Weight Body Building Champion 2006]
Capt. Dr. Hussain Haleem hold a PhD in Sports Coaching from University of Otago (New Zeland), former Olympic marathon runner presently working in the Maldives National Defense Force worked as a fitness instructor in Male’ Fitness Club during 1992

Promising Personal Trainer – Mr. Ali Shameem
Award Presented by Mr. Abudulla Niyaz [National Body Building Coach and former bodybuilding athlete]
Mr. Ali Shameem is a certified personal trainer from Sports Education Academy of Maldives. Presently trains more than 12 one on one clients and within the past year has trained more than 50 one on one clients. According Mr. Shameem his specialty is training elderly clients.

Inspiring Fitness Personal based on Body Transformation – Mr. Simon Shareef
Award Presented by Ms. Hishmath (Hisko) [Group Fitness Manager - HEAT]
Mr. Simon has lost a whopping 21 Kg in 12 weeks, his change inspired a lot of people at Male’ Fitness Club to follow his footsteps to loose weight.

Fitness Enthusiatic Sportsman – Mr. Sobah Mohamed
Award Presented by Pele’ [Former National Surfing Champion]
Mr. Sobah, defender of New Radiant Sports Club remains the only sportsman who follows proper weight room training in Male' Fitness Club for the past three years. His determination to improve his fitness levels are praise worthy.

Congratulations to all of you on your achievements … Male’ Fitness Awards was introduced by Male’ Fitness Club this year on its 17th Anniversay Club Night.


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